Hey guys today the state three new Sunita. And I wish.

I had more energy right now. But today’s been a bit of a rough start. I woke up this morning like my legs felt really weak.

I felt really cold despite being in a hot room. And I get up go to the bathroom. I open the bathroom door, and like straight from the ceiling falls this like big thing right off my face lands on my arms, and then scurries around the corner turns out of the math cockroach like this disgustingly vidcon’s like this big.

And I’m like why can’t. I leave in our room he’s feeling like lay eggs in our backpacks, and our bags, and basically try to kill us they can’t fight apparently. And So I’m like okay got to care business.

I go. I kill it sorry keep it PG. I set it free doc-to-help, and from there.

I went to that, and basically having left bathroom. Because I just feel. So pale right now my stomach has sharp pains in it like my energy levels are like all-time low let me get a shower let’s do something she’s taking care of me.

I’m so weak, and frail. I packed all this bags for ya she packed my bags in that day cuz.

I’m not feeling well help. So far we have extended a small loan of 1.3 million from.

I’m Josh here just a little bit to get off the ground you know a lot of. I stopped you five billion if he needs a small business well speaking of needing more. I haven’t been able to call the bank.

Because it’s like no Wi-Fi here the power is dead on the island, and there’s no good reception where we are, and that means my bank won’t let me take out money from ATM that one all right guys we’re checking out of my my beach a bar, and look what. I just found destiny coincidence. I think not get lost alright guys.


So we are now on the Little Ferry that’s going to take us back to the mainland of bali Nusa Penida has been incredible alright guys. So we have arrived at the port in sonora. We’ve got an hour, and a half, and we’re going to our next Villa like.

I miss the days where you were backpacking keep in mind that when you’re traveling with such a big group it is the same price as staying in a very basic hotel to get one of these villas. So please drop the hate. And I love you guys who drop the support.

And So when I was living there it snowed a lot, and we would always make snowmen we would always make forts it’s a lot of fun at most. I was make a pro black scent can you maybe with blacks, and yeah examples like you made temples of sand that’s oh that’s awesome oh dear what’s up cat well soon all right down this little alleyway we are heading to our villa yeah villa what this is like a bandit dude guys if.

I yell run away look at this this is the entrance you’re not gonna believe this whoa this is. So cool hot damn this is not real like for a second time. I feel totally healed not belongs.

I’m going to pass something what that oh my god this is up. And I know it’s almost gonna be asking how much does it cost to stay here the total price is about three hundred, and fifty West dollars for three nights guys wait let’s rough map. But that’s cheap right no with my last bit of energy occlude the Mavic over food just.

I’m so excited we’re here for the next three nights this place is paradise. I might tune into the blog a bit later.

But in the meantime. I’m in, and out maybe won’t wake up have a good night what. I mean like a wake up tomorrow no not like dying sounded too dramatic oh my gosh guys.

I don’t know if you can see this. But look at this thing on our window ha oh my gosh it’s trying to eat them off oh no oh no oh no it’s gonna move in wow this is. So intense gonna try to eat it oh my gosh oh oh my god it literally just ate them off it has it in its mouth this is insane this thing just ate them off.

I’m not eating anything today other than a bowl of ramen noodles hello oh my gosh good food is here you guys. I am you guys. I have never experienced such a turnaround in my life like.

I just woke up like an hour ago food was here. I ate, and now. I’m feeling like going.

I’m just flying. I’m sorry. I also gave them to Apple oh that’s true that’s probably good addition dude it’s totally what it is tonight.

I thought. I was gonna pass out. And I was really scared.

I wouldn’t make it tomorrow for the big day boys. I’m coming you know dead people death oh oh yes sure. So I was like.

I like. I like. I tell them what it is just yet they were yeah oh yeah we should tell them you know it’s it’s gonna be insane tomorrow what do you guys do tomorrow um we’re not going with you guys no.

Because it’s actually a little too scary. I don’t want we don’t want to be a conscious culture oh yeah you guys know this you already know what it is there you go bro okay. I man that’s all.

I’m saying yeah just stay tuned until tomorrow yeah danger. So who’s gonna be the first one to complain about our villa okay guys. I have a zoo in my room.

I got like little boss fighters blogs like you everything’s in there not only that my bathrooms missing a wall. So like everybody’s just coming in chillin like it’s a house party yeah we’re just a survive oh yeah. I’m gonna back him up some dog.

I let him look like he’s complaining about this villa. I was stupid everyone all the bathrooms are missing a fourth wall, and we have three foot long dragons running around the bedroom, and usually got it. I was stoked over fights mangas biggest bedroom.

I’m so excited Audrey the hotel there’s no air conditioning oh she, and the best part is there’s a 2-foot gap below, and above the door or the mosquitoes will just file it ahead lizard oh yeah yeah yeah like have a clue go to be Tesco or Diana or whatever right now look at your speed ours is point zero one. I’m pretty sure it has to tell you that otherwise you don’t have, and now our rooms are gonna supply this is yeah we can do it smile, and love it yeah yeah yo guys.

I ordered the second Spence another two, and a half hours to go exactly are they expected expensive thing in the menu. I never came, and they put on your paid for it let’s say four hours for da live boys, and and the AC is governed. So you can’t even turn it on it’s just like like a light breeze like oh.

But when the mosquitoes look for refuge from the rain yeah they’re going in they’re going in my room cuz yeah they like it hot stinky oh yeah, and there’s, and the bathroom has vents that allow all the bugs to get through ornate wooden door, and with hold throughout the whole thing anywhere the massively walks nest provided the charm wasp man they are to die you’re jumping spider in your bed yeah guys you all know about my spiders day. And I had a killer spiders jumping ones. I never in the anyway junkies y’all forgetting jump good look there just remove their fangs come out tank oh nothing more should buy the night like that’s all.

I care about we have three nights here we say if Christians walk visited a wrecked a motorcycle. And I need to wash out this oh. I’m afraid this is going to be more of a disease from washing dude.

I just recover from a disease you’re next Tom Tom Cody laughter you, and he ate pizza that peanut oil in it. So he’s trying to survive is are you are you getting sick right now no. I just feel like crap this is a lizard on the wall this is one continuous Club no like no cuts no edit which my kids can oh my gosh my blog went from me complaining all day to being one of the funniest blogs.

I have for Cody. I feel like do for the battle hours felt like I’d really grow up yeah are you gonna you’re gonna add this in your blog. I want to see me dance clip anyone can have talking about all of our problems, and a blog it can’t get any better than this this little flashlight has a thousand lumens.

So I’ve been using ever since. I’m terrified dude there see you yeah they’re building a nest in my room family nest oh, and they’re killer too they look crazy right yeah. I don’t know like.

I’m gonna say no. I do. I don’t know.

I like. I don’t know anything about him. But like the guy said you know just stay away.

I’m like dude what the hell just stay away. I’m in my room it’s just like they just like call my mouth won’t see the light this is a war zone well it’s just yeah this is a true war zone do this is like Rambo right now, and this is their bathroom which by the way does some good ventilation. So anybody could get through here actually.

I don’t even 100 feet. I feel like something’s gonna run at me something’s gonna take a run okay. So they’ve closed that blind.

But that is the outside. I just saw lightning from behind there dude. I feel like.

I’m actually scared to go into your bathroom dude just my bathroom is a wildlife facility. I had a cockroach laying on me this morning. I don’t need it again you no way yeah.

I opened my door like like this open it it fell from the ceiling onto my arm, and scurries under my bed dude all right. I know. I said.

I would in the blog. But this is our view there is lightning on lightning going on over this field here oh man anyways guys have a good night love you all thank you so much for reading thank you for leaving the thumbs up, and thank you to my patrons let’s get a lot of skin tomorrow what’s up guys.

I hope you enjoyed this blog it was one of my favorites to edit it is just like raw footage straight out of the camera just hilarious moments like. I have not laughed that hard in a long time that was a really funny moment. I’m coming at you from the future right now but.

I wanted to insert this clip right now. Because I want to let you guys know that if you guys want to stay up to date, and be part of the notification squad the people who are notified anytime. I post a new post go, and check in the left corner ish there’s an area right next to the subscribe button with a bell if you click on that little bell icon it will actually give you a notification whenever my blogs go live it’s an awesome way to be one first people to comment.

And I’m generally very good at responding to the first comment. So it’s a good way to get your questions answered yeah well like you better that way you like you better that way no that’s not true we like you all the same tomorrow we’re having one of our biggest days ever we’re traveling. I’m.

So excited it’s going to be a really big day here at Indonesia but I gotta get up in like six hours. So I’m off to bed guys have a good night let’s get lost again for Mom.

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