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I remember why. I quit my job it is currently 4:30 in the morning. We’ve gotten up nice, and early we’re going to be meeting with Lam our driver for the day, and he’s going to be taking us to the famous Angkor Wat to watch the angkor wat sunrise we’re definitely not the only ones coming to see the sunrise it has to be at least like 150 200 people just in here getting their tickets alone this is a very big draw here in Siem Reap it’s kind of like the only reason people come to Siem Reap $37.

00 which gives you access to all the temples in the area sorry there’s this ticket. So maybe it’s busy season right now. But this is madness truckloads of people getting dropped off left right, and center this place is going to be packed really hoping we get a good view of the sunrise.

I’m starting to see a bit of redness peak behind the temple here running a little in here. So we’re not exactly set up for the Sun started your eyes was it worth getting up early definitely this is an incredible sunrise guys. And I definitely see why people come to Angkor Wat to watch it it’s really amazing to watch the outline like it’s a giant silhouette from the temple, and you can just faintly see it at the beginning, and by the end it’s like a beautiful contrast against the red sky.

I’m shooting like eight versions of time-lapses here, and then the guys are off shooting different cinematics so. We’ve definitely got all our bases covered here. I wish.

We’ve gotten here 20 minutes ago it would be nice to a bit more set-up time, and make sure. I have be shot instead of just a shot as you can probably make out it is sprawling these walls just go on forever, and the amount of detail, and intricacy that’s in each of the temples the walls the statues the handrails it’s amazing, and you can see it stood the time this is why we got up early got up at 4:30 in the morning, and it was 100% worth it this is the sunrise over angkor wat. So far.

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We’ve only showed you the courtyard, and watched the Sun Rise from over Angkor Wat, and now we’re actually inside the temple we’re going to show you around a little bit let’s go down the corridor here it’s pretty busy Angkor Wat was built in the 12th century, and it was actually originally a Hindu temple it was dedicated to Vishnu which. I believe is a fish, and he’s a God in the Hindu faith, and it later became Buddhist which is what it is today the Buddhist temple this massive temple sprawls over a hundred, and sixty two hectares, and the moat that was built around the entire temple is actually man-made it’s 3.2 kilometres long, and it’s math right there is actually a queue a line up to gets the very top of Angkor Wat, and what.

I remember from last time being here this is the holiest part of all of Angkor Wat, and for that reason. I remember they told Abby that if she was going to go up she actually had to put something over his shoulders she was wearing a tank top at the time, and they’re pretty loose on dress code here like they’re not super strict. But generally speaking you do want to make sure that if you’re female to wear pants, and even if you’re a male to wear pants they do have somewhat double standards that’s just part of the culture.

But that is changing with time definitely. I went to a place in Myanmar in Burma, and they literally had a sign that said no women allowed in here. So it’s like different parts of the world have different outlooks on that, and it is changing for the most part driver release no utopia on the fit of the car when you start seeing people like that all you can do is laugh, and be thankful that you’re not there taxi driver Spotify yeah.

I got it. I’m not a morning person either you need this morning coffee yeah he does Oh what was that. So according to my extensive research which.

I did on Wikipedia it took about 37 years to build the original Angkor Wat there have been a lot of different additions from there. But the main construction yeah happened over about 40 years any guide yeah yeah what. I show you ring giving special prize thank you for you anchor what.

So it’s actually a lot quieter here now that Sun rises over basically most people leave probably after the sunrise maybe half an hour after it’s cleared up quite a bit. So if you want to avoid crowds come around that may be eight o’clock mark. But then again maybe it’s worth just seeing the sunrise, and dealing with the crowd.

Because it was really beautiful a really good time someone even say it’s been anchor lit Uncle Phil is the name of city in style photography half are around fire temple probably seeing this in thinking wait wasn’t Christian doing a documentary on elephants, and black tusk is probably about a week away from completion probably about two weeks away from being posted stay tuned because. I’m hoping that we will change what is going on here elephant riding is natural just arrived at by on temple this is my favorite. I’ve been here before instead of explaining.

I’m just going to show you. So I think we’re getting the attention of the guards here. Because hear them calling, and they’re like something something Kannada, and then

I tried to say hi. I need to see me dirty looks whatever your camera is. So small it would you’d be like what do you want it is going to hate.

I guess. I’m off in the jungle haven’t seen anybody for six days crikey. I don’t think anyone’s been here since the late 1200 century that’s not a thing 12th century there’s absolutely no one here this is a miracle even the slightest wrong movement will trigger now you don’t have to be an expert to know that that’s a booby trap right there secret passage here my friend Nicholas Cage told me all about this one here there’s a secret entrance somewhere here just have to find that the lever there’s.

So the legends were true here it is the entrance to the secret covenant Oh surely it won’t be long till. I find a lost dock we found it hopefully if they go the margin, and all that is more jealous okay. So there’s no microphone it’s okay okay but.

I guess they’re all native power already get right okay sounds good you’re looking a little too professional these days Ronny yeah it’s incredible to be here all by myself experiencing this something nobody else’s pain behold my hidden treasure oh my gosh. I found it it’s beautiful the holy ground, I’ll anchor Tom Wow would you look at that please favorite okay just outside of the temple a very horrible assembly line of people getting onto the elephants getting off, and then they will do that basically seven days a week until their work to the ground, and no longer usable do not support these businesses who are you going to call Lam we are about an hour maybe 45 minutes out from the last buy on temple, and this one here what’s very unique about it is that it’s made out of like a red sandstone they’ve got some unique colors different architecture, and more temple tastic times ahead of us hmm thank you thank you. I’m no scientist well that’s a big tree all good haven’t oh look at that.

I just want you to take a second, and look at that oh my look at them look at this one piece right ladies it both. So how do you say it bunts it 1 psi 1 psi yeah thank you that’s the most beautiful little thing. I’ve ever seen definitely not the most impressive of the temples.

We’ve seen right now we’re going to our last temple which is top room it’s really specific to murder there they literally filmed a great an apparently hot girl running around jumping on stuff Suns popular. But not Amitabh before you holy boy. We’ve arrived at how chrome pitbull.

But it feels more like a night market repute surrounded by people selling us trying to sell. So this kind of selling drum. So this kid actually had the best pitch.

I’ve ever heard he comes up to me with this like wooden flute plays that. I feel tuned he’s like. I fell to you for $1 a special price for you you’re my friend, and then he’s like this is where it got really interesting he’s like you can try it if you can’t play it you can put it right back, and you don’t have to buy it.

I was like this kid is a good sale down the bottom. So I had to stop the crew. Because I got a straight fired joke when your mom tells you to do the gardening.

But it’s been two weeks, and you keep pushing it off when you’re having a night out at the bar, and your friends are trying to make you leave you get it looks like the trees like holding on no no. I don’t want to leave well it looks like you pulled the wrong Jenga stick when you’re you’re working by day. But your wizard by night the Nimbus spanker.

So this is what happens we need too many temples at this point we’re just like going around making bad jokes making bird noises, and pretending to be in Harry Potter that has been our final temple here today by the fourth one as. I mentioned earlier you know you’re kind of done with it once you’ve seen one you’ve seen most of them although top film is very unique definitely a must if you’re coming to Siem Reap. I just love the feel of it like the trees growing out of the temple, and the trees here are beautiful they’re massive they’ve got great girth great me trying to keep my life together there’s not no reason just you know be careful the reminder be aware guys be careful if you plan to come see these temples it actually doesn’t hurt to do it later in the day.

Because it’s a bit cooler, and you actually don’t have to deal with nearly as many people for the most part a lot of people start their day with the sunrise at Angkor Wat, and from there everyone kind of scatters out to different temples. So I kind of recommend if you don’t necessarily want to see the sunrise at Angkor Wat maybe go, and do the temples later in the day like start your day around noon. Because I have noticed a lot quieter as.

We’ve gotten further through the day, and one last thing is that getting food is actually very expensive anywhere near the temples we ended up spending 43 u.s. dollars for lunch for basic food with covering his Buddhist typical courtesy move to pay for your drivers lunch drivers are known to make Commission off of certain restaurants.

And So they’ll bring you some more expensive ones. So just be aware of that request that you go somewhere affordable if that’s you know something you want to do our lunch was good, and our drivers amazing. I’m going to have all this stuff linked down below.

So you can actually check out lamb for yourself if you’re coming to Siem Reap he can set you up with a tour he knows everything he knows great English, and he’s actually got a lot of information on all the places we visited after a full day of temple running time to hit the temple club. I’m not joking never go to a place called the temple club pop-up street yeah boom boom boom boom no no not that kind of boom boom this is. So similar to co-sign Road in Bangkok it’s insane morning is nicely placed not took to coming down here just blocked off that’s my traffic bowling oh yeah baby just left hungry team outside of it, and for a dollar fifty you can get a cocktail here we got a couple Long Island coming up, and alright.

So we’re right now at jim farm where they have a dollar 50 cocktails to finish my first row Long Island iced tea. And I just boarded up ATM real sunset three of them for 450 us Wow don’t wonder why your condo how did this happen uh. I don’t know actually they just open a bar oh how the party is why.

I’m on lay on my dudes they on $3 to get here no all right guys we just got home. So I’m signing off let’s get lost again tomorrow.

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