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Volunteering develops your inner strength, increase self-confidence, and usher the willingness to do something bigger for mankind, animal world or even the environment. If you are interested in exploring various avenues of working as a volunteer, you can start like this.

Search online for the latest campaigns
Students from the senior schools and mainly from the college show interest to contribute as a volunteer for flood relief camps, refugee camps, helping out victims of other natural disasters and even the rescued animals. If you also want to be a part of such venture, you need to get that information of the camps. For that, internet is one of the safest places to gather information.

You can search for the camps and how people are working for a certain area where the victims are given temporary shelters and food. If you are not aware of any NGO or other volunteer teams working there, you can reach to that place and start helping them from your own. Here, you can get acquainted with a couple of teams or official NGO with whom you can decide to work with.

Teach the Poor Kids
You can reach out to the street children or kids from the refugee or victim camps to teach them. You can volunteer to teach English Costa Rica, mathematics, history, geography, science, civics etc. You can fix a date and reach to the little pupils every week. Gradually, you will develop a teacher in you which will help you a lot in the forthcoming days of your career. You never know, you can be a great teacher in any good school or college.

Raise funds
If you are seriously touched by the refugee camps, or the victims of any disaster or natural calamity, you can take the endeavor to raise funds by organizing street drama, singing or performing recitations. You along with other group members can raise funds by selling gift cards, handicraft goodie and by offering any service against what you can gather funds for the needy.

Help animals
If you are a huge animal lover, it’s your duty to help the threatened animals. We live in a world with both good and bad human beings. You can often learn from the social media how badly some humans treat their dogs. Many of them left those abandoned. You can help those dogs and other domestic animals from dying out of starvation. You can also volunteer to help the dogs from not being kept in a locked car. Many of them have been collapsed to death because of no oxygen.

Apart from these, you can help in conserving the endangered animals such as Red Pandas, Pandas etc. Though, recently China has declared that Pandas are no longer endangered. But there are still many animals that need shelter and protection from the poachers. You can work with the volunteer groups that work to protect the wild animals from poachers.

This is how you can volunteer and experience a lot of things that will genuinely help you in the gradual phase of life and for building your career too.

Author’s Bio: Nat Amponsah is successful tour operator in Costa Rica. Besides his job, he is also involved in volunteering along with a group that mainly works for the poor. In his articles, Nat mostly talk about his touring and volunteering experiences.

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