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Alright guys.

We’ve just checked out of the Royal Club it’s been a great week, and it’s now time to go back to Canada what was your favorite thing about the Occidental grant what really made it. So special was the sand, and the water but. I’ve never had service on the beach normally.

I’m just like out in the middle of nowhere. And I’m just chillin on the beach like getting sunburned here it’s like a cabanas you have places to sit. So it’ll be interesting to see if Abby makes it onto her flight if you missed yesterday’s logs Air Canada currently has Abby set to GTE meaning that she’s basically an overflow candidate.

So they oversold seats, and Abby maybe they keeps judgment. I don’t think. I don’t know one heard that.

So operation tracked down this luggage that finally got something very it’s gonna be a family reunion it’s a family reunion Casey nice that was in the same Airport yesterday he was influence kana for like two three days yeah that might be Abby’s bag inside there. I had literally found guys we were walking by an office, and like that’s an Air Canada tag. I’m like.

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I think it’s Abby’s whole like seven or eight days later Air Canada didn’t exactly deliver it they broke the bag. So this handle is broken. But they’ll be hearing about that not to worry the bags been to more cities than we have, and it’s good ladies, and Amador almost there in time to prepare for landing we made it to Montreal we spend like the last hour, and a half sprinting through the Montreal Airport we basically just made it.

But we have more time we thought. Because there’s a delay on the flight but. I’m sweating.

I’m stressed but I think we’re gonna make it home. And I hope our luggage would be on the same flight they put a priority tag on it maybe like 12 hours later it’s been a long travel day probably more fall hours.

So yeah my dad came to the airport last night a bit of miscommunication on both ends that sucks a lot. But he is graciously back, and waiting for us again both flights were pretty uneventful. But quick turbulence actually more turbulence than a muesli, and our landing here in Vancouver we hit we don’t like we hit really hard, and then pop back off the runway.

But we’re good we made it, and we got a beautiful sunset command which is really cool. And I was looking at my subscriber cap you guys you know you can’t solely base your success my subscribers know. But subscribers are definitely a way of seeing higher blogs doing.

So was engagement. I take a lot of effort, and attention to both as a few guys are longtime viewers, and by a long time. I mean over six months you know that Janet just stopped talking January 1st.

I said the goal that. I wanted to get a hundred thousand subscribers by 2018. So like one year, and as of today it’s been six months, and three days.

So just over the halfway point we are now at 85,000 subscribers just under by like 500 selves like that is blowing my goals out of the water well thank you guys. And I want to encourage you guys to set crazy goals. Because sometimes you just knock them out of the park.

And I’m really excited to see how we finish off 2018 really motivated. And I’m excited to see where my next trip will take me nothing’s planned right now Abby’s like doesn’t want to be seen with me. I’m like going on a motivational speech in the terminal yeah definitely gonna be a lot of cool things in store in the next couple of months right now there’s literally nothing planned other than a music festival which Abby.

And I are going to in about a week. But keep you posted he’ll be the first to know look at all that art Abby looks like she’s a backpack that you’d see like an old Asian woman wearing on the bus with like the little shopping carts that they push around. I set it up here time laughs in a bag came by, and swiped this camera right off the ledge.

I can’t run off this camera this is my camera thanks there Canada what is that same circuit it’s actually like a really nice temperature right now it’s probably like 20 degrees you guys. I mean Jackson’s kind of excited. But yes why are you more excited there’s.

So many posts online of people coming home from like being deployed in the army or being gone for months, and their dogs just lose their minds, and like are screaming, and putting their heads between their legs, and like jumping into their arms, and then there’s my dogs thanks Jackson that makes me kind of curious it’s been a long day. I’m now home. And I now need to sleep.

I am. So tired in the meantime how. I’m gonna you guys, and let’s get lost again tomorrow maybe not tomorrow maybe another night.

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