Where is Akron? | Akron Map | Map of Akron

Where is Akron?

Akron, this is a hiking guidetravel blog for hikers who love to hike! There are no token hikes or fluff sections about how to hike, who to bring, or how to make trail mix! We cut to the chase and get to the goods here! Presented with originality are many popular hikes and several you may have never heard of. Most have other options and loops within them as well, more than doubling the actual number of total hikes listed. Akron Colorful topographic maps and pictures help tie in the text, making each hike perfectly straightforward to follow.

Where is Akron? | Akron Map | Map of Akron Photo Gallery

Map of Akron

A dry, warm hiker is a happy hiker! Bring some if not all of the following on your day hike: your experience, a friend, lots of layers (synthetic or not) including backup rain gear and dry socks, sunscreen, water or purifier, food, flashlight or headlamp, map or GPS or compass, fresh batteries, smartphone backup battery/charger, first aid kit with an emergency blanket, lighters, knife, insect repellent, whistle—and a sense of humor.

Smaller cascades on mossy Alec Creek rushing toward the Lewis River.

ROUTE: Take the main signed Lewis River Trail 31 left of the restroom or any one of the trails past the restroom only 50-100 ft to a couple great official overlooks of Lower Lewis River Falls (43 ft high, up to 200 ft wide). These are one of the most dramatic falls right off the bat and look brilliant regardless of the water flow, just like most of the neighboring falls. You can walk right on the main trail a few feet and hike down one of the super-steep bushwhack paths closer to the river for other angles if you desire, but none are too great. Try the one opposite a short spur path to the right which leads toward a small waterfall off a nearby creek, if any.

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