Look at that the early bird catches the worm, and it beautiful there today guys the early bird that catches the worm, and right now it is 830 dad my dad’s literally just said that. I did not quote your dad that is like the most was saying in the friggin row did my dad right now yeah bitches it’s literally like that’s like no. I know that.

But everything all right solo is that invented early bird catches good anyways what. I’m trying to say is. We’ve been up for an hour.

I’ve pretty much finished my emails for the day, and it’s 8:30 that’s fantastic wheels really sick right now hanging in there don’t look like this you look like a silhouette oh there you are yeah anything look at that that looks excellent yeah it’s kind of chuckles start a days off right one egg for an excellent woman who own the petite Abby Katie Lisa. I’ve just headed out with her dad they’re gonna go say hi to their grandma who also lives out here in Ottawa let me show you a little something. So Abby’s dad had a few projects one of them this is probably my favorite of the projects he built a little turtle deck.

And So basically let me just show you all the way out there you can see three Turtles just chillin it’s really funny though he was telling us he’s done like three different modifications to the turtle deck he was floating too high above the river level, and it made it too difficult for the turtles to get on board. So there was like no turtles, and then he lowered it, and it was too low, and then he put it up just a little more. And I was just perfect he’s got like three to five Turtles that are normally out there hanging out on the turtle deck look how nicely that yields thanks kiddy endorsed by Katie Reed we can put your name to it you’ll skip med school, and go straight to being a doctor doctors hate her this company’s advertising tours you saved 10% for every hundred kilometers you traveled.


So then. I guess the tour is free for me or. I’m being paid now good three dollars man.

I found Tino or at least his little brother. I’m back how was your co Christian how was your Anoka shit was good how was yours. I’ve got my post up.

And I cleaned, and tidied the house. So that was a good workout for me the best news Ben or don’t. Because successfully is for those who don’t snooze today is off to an awesome start it’s like 2:00 p.

M. right now. I’ve done my workout done my emails that my blog, and the Sun is out two summers ago.

I actually got my boat license. I did it online here at the cottage. I was like.

I don’t want to be stranded here, and not be able to take out the boat. So I took like four or five days of doing like 12-hour shifts of just basically pounding through the course it’s really overkill for the amount of knowledge you need to know but. I’m now certified okay you’re gonna come on the boat oh my gosh.

I found mermaids get on the boat Chris. And I might do a live stream later what’s this. I think we should be fun 24 we galaxy’ we’re up for dinner tonight with some people at like six or seven what are you doing there.

I found a frog oh yeah surprised it’s not running away he doesn’t care about the behind-the-scenes footage STS tours marks out there fighting for the best blogging footage we started one, and then all of a sudden we had ball one you should do a joint getaway mark, and get like $5,000 giveaway joins same Saint Nick. So pretty big news for the blog today. I got an email back from a company.

I reached out to them probably about like a week ago, and we are going to be partnering, and they’re sending me one of their products it’s called a glidecam, and a glidecam is basically imagine in a bar with counterweights on the bottom of it, and you clip your camera on top of it, and what it does is when I film with my big camera my gh4 if. I move it all it gets really shaky.

But with a glide cam. I can walk with the camera, and get really beautiful moving shots while using my mirrorless camera. So you guys are gonna love it they’re gonna love me look at me huge now.

I’m gonna take the boat out Patti well sailors it’s been a good one see you in a while you’re gonna miss me when. I’m gone turn the motor up, and down actually do you want to risk that not you know the front supply to you right yes first, and if yeah you can’t like it the thing it’s the bottom of the boat jumpin it all the way in at first no me very well squishy love you hi guys we’re in the middle of the ocean now probably about 15 odd miles away from civilization, and Conditioner top figure found one of locals how long have you been stranded there. I have set up the drone, and look at that look at that look at that would you look at that you got our wheel yeah look at that look at it from behind yeah you can’t do oh look at that look at that.

So all the men are doing men things what are you guys doing some clam juice Abby is getting all tribal with it oh my way. I won my way lion sleeps tonight, and Abby’s gone again what a surprise probably. So this is Abby’s third bathing suit of the day you already know what are you doing in there can’t hide from a zoom lens Lisa just dropped her hat in the ocean where it is hurry Lisa you’re gonna have to jump in well we have successfully brought the boat back the drones back, and my beautiful girlfriend how are you doing what are you doing.

I know the sweat off my body that’s nice need help up no good doesn’t matter well justjust for romantic sake here let me help you up pretend it’s not there don’t worry, I’ll help you up my getting to know one of the perks of the cottage 24/7 stocked beverage cooler all sorts of goods what do we want today. And I get a Corona oh there’s BAE always catching the sunrays come here you babe. We’ve got a live stream pretty soon here come on half an hour we got 30 minutes of a fair are you nervous no.

I’m excited. I’m sure you can see why this is our favorite place in the entire world this is what we do you just hang out enjoy the sun rays take out the boat whatever else comes with it oh is Abby’s aunts anniversary. So we’re actually going downtown Ottawa which I think is like probably under an hour away maybe just over Abby give me a quick 101 what’s going on there currently go on finishing something at a restaurant at a restaurant we’re at a golf course, and it’s also a nice little place to get dinner we just had our livestream how would you say it went good.

I want to do more than is such a fail though at first cuz horrible fails an hour, and a half to trace out the livestream yeah. But then once we finally figured out that my blog has changed live-streaming system, and made it horrible we went to Facebook in the Facebook live stream was brainless of super easy to do, and it went really well we had like 3000 people tuned in thank you for everyone who tuned in, and we’re gonna start doing the weekly. I really want to do weekly well.

I think it’d be cool to like instead of doing like daily blogs like replace one of the days with like a live stream. So that like every week we just like get to catch up with you guys, and see what you guys are thinking. I think it’s cool way of doing it.

I think if you go to notify people beforehand a big okay Wednesday’s live stream day. So I like this time. I should be on my computer.

So people know hey sexy lady no. I wanna know.

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