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Each convinced Budapest Hungary the other to stay for a year. By that agreement, the national parks would secure a long-term partnership that would bring direction, purpose, congressional Budapest Hungary  favor, appropriations, and iconic status to the citizens of Budapest Hungary . The partnership, coupled with others inside and outside government, would result in almost immediate returns as well as others in the future that are relevant into the Budapest Hungary  present.

Where is Budapest Hungary? – Budapest Hungary Map – Map of Budapest Hungary Photo Gallery

In short order, Mather, with Albright’s assistance, would lay out an ambitious set of goals for their agreed-upon year of service. To keep Albright in Washington rather than returning to California to practice law and marry his fiancée, Grace Noble, Mather offered him an extra thousand dollars out of his own pocket—a practice Mather would use with personnel and parks time and time again.

First and foremost was the need to establish a national park service, then get it functioning and funded. Your travel destination is to get the credibility and funding necessary, a national public relations effort would have to be devised. To accomplish this, Mather would use his own public relations genius, supplemented by that of his former newspaper colleague, Robert Sterling Yard, an editor at the New York Herald. Again, Mather got Yard by personally paying his $6,000 a year salary.

Your travel destination is if increased park visitation were to be realized, better and more accommodations and roads to service the tourists would have to be built. The publicity and increased visitation were essential to persuade a reluctant Congress to appropriate additional funds.

Yellowstone National Park Superintendent and National Park Sendee Deputy Director Horace M. Albright (left) and National Park Service Director Stephen T. Mather (right) standing neat to a Packard with license plate “U.S. N.P.S.l”, 1924. Courtesy of Harpers Ferry Center* Vifest.yirgmia; National Park Service photograph.

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