Hey guys last night was a lot of fun there was buckets fire dancing limbo except the limbo they actually changed it it used to be a fire rope that you had to like limbo under now it’s like a lame LED light. But they put up obviously people were getting burned. So it’s probably for the best my friend shot this one post of me getting lifted under the limbo by one of the Thai men.

So he was like carrying all these women, and of course they loved to carry the women, and then all of a sudden. I’m like Oh pick me pick me. So he’s like okay fine.

So I I wrap myself around him, and he literally limb bowed me under the limbo. I don’t know how he got. So low he must have been like only like a foot or two feet off the ground now we’re just gonna go grab some breakfast kick a caseta house like a continental you can you breakfast in the morning.

So we’re gonna go enjoy that, and that’s it tonight we’re probably going to do the same thing some buckets the fire show just kind of here to enjoy the night life, and the night scene. Because it’s a lot of fun absolutely stunning day here in Thailand just. So consistent here it’s unbelievable catch that breakfast is not at the front desk kids go to the pool yesterday we had a couple drinks here at the swim-up bar, and this is where breakfast is served in this little dining area just hi continental breakfast was really good, and now time to go take a nap.

Because it’s 10:00 a.m. all right guys it is like 1 o’clock right now took a bit of a nap but.

I’ve just been doing editing because. I’m not gonna be doing a whole lot today. I thought I’d make today’s blog about how.

I make money doing social media stuff guys you’ll have to ignore the music but I often get asked how I make money through social media.

So I thought I’d do a quick little blurb about that. Because there’s not a whole lot else going on today first of all you start by saying it’s very difficult to make money off social media otherwise everyone would be doing it it’s definitely possible though. So don’t let anyone talk you out of it.


Because if something you’re passionate about there’s always opportunity to make money off of things that you love. I have three different social media accounts that. I really focus on Instagram Facebook, and my blog, and my blog’s my primary.

I see everything else kind of revolves around my my blog, and my blog actually pays me every month. I get a check deposited right into my bank account, and it’s you know it’s a decent amount it’s definitely not covering all my costs right now, and it’s based on how many views. I’m getting.

So when someone goes to my post, and they click, and they get that annoying 15-second ad. I get 60% of any ad revenue that is earned on my blog it’s not a fixed amount. So one 15-second ad does not result in one penny it’s more like it depends on the season.

So leading up to December there was a huge demand for ad space. Because everyone’s trying to sell things. And So the value of ad space went up.

I got more money per click than. I did in let’s say January in February. I get my ad revenue, and that is paid on a monthly basis.

So that took a long time to develop something that was meaningful but I remember the first time. I had $100 deposited into my bank account, and that was a really cool moment.

So you know it doesn’t have to be big at first it definitely starts add up though, and it’s great the second way in the way that pretty much majority of your money will come from is actually by working with companies. I mean in my case. I can think of an example would be like working with the Tourism Board, and then having you know me check out Florida or check out the Philippines whatever it may be.

I’ve not actually landed any of those yet but. I’m sure that will happen with time for big projects like that. I mean you could easily charge five to ten thousand dollars, and that’s probably even pretty low working with brands definitely the most lucrative way to make money with social media.

But in order to work with brands you either need to have an existing following or you need to be very skilled at something, and you don’t necessarily need a massive following to make money. I mean if you’re very talented, and skilled at what you do you can basically just be hired on to create content for tourism boards for companies whatever it may be, and the third thing is not actually through making money. But cutting costs.

So as a travel blogger as someone with a social media following. I get a lot of stuff compensated or for free. And So my cost that most people would face are very very low the easiest example would be for myself.

So as a travel blogger often. I get stuff like flights accommodations transportation activities. I can often get these things for free if.

I take the time to contact the people in advance or even if. I just go in person, and tell them, and show them hey this is my social media following would you be interested in having me show your product or service to my audience. And So those are ways that.

I can keep my costs very low. I am NOT currently making a whole lot of money. I’m able to cover my costs.

I’m loving what. I’m doing, and that’s literally why. I do it there’s a lot of money that can be made if you are successful in creating a strong brand in getting a large following it does result in more money of course on Instagram for example.

I actually get paid for a photo. So let’s say. I post a sponsored photo then you know you get X amount of dollars just for having that photo another thing that’s become new is actually take over.

So you can do Instagram take over snapchat take over, and essentially what a takeover is is just an influencer acting on behalf of someone else so. If I’m posting on behalf of Ford. And I’m posting you know pictures of my roadtrip with Ford well four is going to be paying me to basically promote on their social media account create cool, and engaging content what’s cool about takeovers is not only do you get paid for it.

But you also get to mutually share networks. If I’m posting on Ford’s account. I’m obviously going to tag myself in the photo.

And So now. I get some of Ford’s audience who are checking out my stuff, and possibly following me. And So it’s a really cool way, and a new thing that’s been happening quite a bit, and through Facebook it’s more or less the same you can get paid for a sponsored post a sponsored post whatever it may be.

But one thing that. I’m starting to realize is that it’s great to have a diversified followings having Facebook my blog Instagram having all three of them is a really good thing especially when you’re working with large brands, and I’d be a fool to pretend that. I’m an expert on the subject.

I am very modest size. And I’m on track for some very great things. So I’m excited because.

I’m starting to see a bit of money. I’m starting to see exciting projects that are presenting themselves. But for the most part it’s definitely a very hard road to make money off of social media like.

I said you need to be in it before the passion, and not for the money, and depending on your situation for a travel blogger especially you’ll need to have a bit of money saved up you’ll need to reserve. Because like. I said you are not going to get money upfront no one’s going to be paying you when you start it takes an investment like any other business it takes you know one two three it might even take four years before you start seeing some real profitable revenue being brought in there’s actually a fourth thing, and that’s basically ways that you can indirectly make money from doing social media.

So you can sell stock photos you can sell stock film you can license your posts, and licensing your posts means that you know let’s say my how to travel Thailand post if. I gave permission to BBC to use it on their webpage their travel webpage well then they would have to pay me a royalty for using it through Abby she’s been invited to be a guest host at events, and they would of course pay for your flight your hotel, and they would pay you to be there. So there’s lots of things that come with it to make money off of social media you have to be entrepreneurial you have to be an opportunist.

Because there’s really no one-size-fits-all there’s always unique, and cool opportunities presenting themselves, and honestly. I that’s what. I love about it it’s.

So exciting it’s such a fun space to be in, and social media is only trending upwards, and one thing. I want to end on is that. Because you literally have the entire world at your fingertips there’s opportunity to be in the smallest of niches you could literally have a youtube blog about fungi if that’s what you like you can make a fungi blog, and you would somehow find thousands, and thousands of people who share that passion with you if you have something that’s very unique, and you are very passionate about it there might be an opportunity to get involved with that for social media, and money to be made through that well that’s pretty much the end of how to make money with social media.

I hope it was helpful informative either or. I’m gonna go for a swim matt is currently sleeping. And I think we’re going to go do the staircase that we did yesterday just for workout sake we’re not going to go up to the viewpoint tonight we’re going to go to the fire show, and just do the same thing we did last night right now the struggle to upload a post is.

So real. I have been trying all day to get this post up, and the upload speed is shite my tongues kind of frozen from drinking this. So I feel like.

I can’t speak properly when I went swimming today. I met this girl in the pool, and really quickly we figured out we were both from Vancouver, and turns out her, and her friend work with my mom all the way in koh pipi, and here I am meeting a couple of girls who are working my mom coincidence.

I think not. So we’re going to be going out probably in like four hours it’s right now it’s 420 blaze it, and yeah that’s that’s it literally it’s gonna be a lazy blog hey guys it is 7:00 p.m.

We’re going up these steps the same once we went to the viewpoint yesterday. But we’re not going to the viewpoint we’re simply getting a good workout, and it’s really humid out. So after 10 steps you start to sweat like crazy here, and go peepee need a workout run the stairs the final stretch.

We’ve gone up, and down three times half an hour of power cardio sweating buckets. I feel great alright guys just about to leave our place here, and head to the koh pipi beach where the fire shows are, and the limbo, and all that jazz i’m not going to bring my camera out tonight but I can basically summarize what’s going to happen.

I’m gonna drink a bucket we’re gonna go see fire dancers it’s gonna be a good time, and that’s basically how the night is going to go see you guys in the morning, and have a good night. I think. I finally find out my conclusion but.

I’m not using it tonight you.

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