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This is the end of bhante on we are going to have a travel day back to Cebu. I’m not going to be doing any blogging today let’s get lost again s’mores thank you we have arrived at terminal 1 catching the boat to behold. So welcome to the blog Ashley mark we met through Facebook, and we’re going to be traveling for the next two days through the whole filming the adventures caring them with you guys.

So two hours, and 500 pesos, and we have just arrived at the port info hole right now we’re going to be getting on a bus. So we’re going three hours north to, and where you’re getting on a tricycle hours later alright guys. So we have made it here in anda, and probably took about four, and a half hours between ferry, and taking the little charter bus thing we just took.

But we’re here perfect then civilian water. So we’re staying tonight at the Little Miami Beach Resort. I’m checking out Ashley’s gear he’s got a cannon sixty, and when.

I’m most excited about he’s got a glidecam, and this is what will allow us to get some crazy stable footage. So we’re actually here before check-in times check-ins at 3:00. So right now we’re gonna go grab some lunch.

I think we might go check out it called the underground cave or something something’s underground also Cassie you’re not in the blog. So you say hello this is Cassie that’s Mark’s sister we just got to the market family. But this is called Toro Toro Toro means shoes.

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So it’s basically you just point out you wanna say good ol turtle. I mean you’re choosing stuff Lori right now has her eye on the pizza, and passed the place, and that’s how you calibrate it oh that’s cool mama. I like that peanut stop the camera was gem stuck the lens would not shut the camera kept staying lens there.

I couldn’t turn it on couldn’t film can do anything kind of thought it was right off. But it looks like it’s working again thought the plus got dropped off by tricycle, and we’re following a man. I don’t know we’re here good thing that is so cool guys this is the perks of traveling with locals. I would never have known about this where’d you hear about this blog blogs yeah you got a read you write blogs. So I had my big post in man joy oh that’s the one.

I coined the Maldives of the Philippines Ashley, and Mark filmed one as well, and you guys have to check it out, I’ll link it down below. I would say it’s actually better than mine it’s way more cinematic way more well done you guys have to check it out my opportunity to try out the mouthpiece we spent like the last hour swimming in the grotto. I don’t actually know what the name of it is you can pretty much jump off of any spot.

I actually dropped my GoPro in there. So I have to swim for it, and it’s way deeper than it looks on to the next spot three by three again on a tricycle all-wheel drive for your baby do you come with the key. So we are here at our second cave today hi guys we just discovered this abandoned cave well.

I think we’re the first ones they were find it except for those guys you guys are in the blog Hey okay bye guys the enthusiasms locking you guys. I just found another cave that no one else has ever seen before except for these people, and Steve. So based on these piles of rocks.

I’m gonna make a guess that they actually man made these caves. So that they could charge tourists money well that was our five minute visit to convento cave. I don’t know maybe if there was no one here it would have been kind of cool.

But Kyle looking good buddy are you guys. So I just found a section of the beach that has never been seen before. I think we might be the first ones ever see it except for those people, and those people, and those people we went to wear flops it was really busy.

So we left that Beach pretty much immediately right now we’re you couldn’t tell. I’m get a tricycle out my back, and we’re going back to the beach truck dropped off back we’re gonna go after you my lady just kidding amar do you hear the church bells going off just over there it’s actually really pretty imagine go away from me no drone almost lost a drone the drone case was still on top of the tricycle over there oh dear sup gangsters we about to hit this Beach no. I hit the hit the water go for a swim yeah you sure you said that no we’re gonna go we’re gonna go hit the water we’re gonna go for a swim over there you guys stay here cute little yeah little cute cottages 4,000 pesos for this, I’ll show you, I’ll show you where the bed is it’s kind of hard to make out.

So the bed is right here. I know it’s hard to see it’s actually a bit misleading. But that is a bed despite let me show you just in case is any confusion here see that’s the bed.

So yeah. I’m just in case any confusion there’s another bed right there another buried there doesn’t have mattress oh wait yeah yeah where is the mattress. I only see a bed frame, and it’s really nice but.

I’m not like loving it. So far like everything’s been pretty busy, and it’s quite far from Tong Lau pun Lau is like the particle hole the most people go to. But the caves we went to the one cave with the diving in that was really cool thumbs up a lot of locals here yeah.

I think it’s like more of a local spot which is the absolute truth of it. I’m not a hundred cents old just yet we’re nope you know let inside. So we have beautiful orange sky ashley was just out there flying his drone.

So I’m gonna steal his footage throw it in the blog you guys check out Ashley stuff afterwards. I’m gonna be linking it down below as. I mentioned earlier he actually shot the exact same place.

I was in manju hood or the Maldives of the Philippines, and his work is amazing linking that you guys need to be checking that, and then liking that, and that’s that oh. I just stepped on a cat. So this is one of the beefs.

I have with anta beach guys oh god where’s my lens cap at least right now it is covered in seaweed. But there’s also a lot of litter like it’s not well kept yeah. I don’t know.

I need to try to find my lens cap oh my gosh okay staying up super late. And I hope the wind isn’t ruining the audio we’re going to be reading the Stars, and we’re actually shooting at night lapse Ashley’s got a camera that can basically handle some serious low-light commissions if we’re asleep, and you can knock on the door see you guys in a couple hours we’re back in the room, and we are meeting the guys probably outside in like three, and a half four hours we have to wait for it to get totally pitch outside. And So that’s the almost no light other than the light being emitted from the stars actually it’s not emitted.

Because it’s reflected wait no stars doing it light nevermind basically we’re setting up a time-lapse it’s going to be going from like 12:30 at night all the way through to maybe sunrise depending on if go we’ll keep you guys posted in the meantime. I’m going to edit unfortunately we have had a change of plans, and we’re not going to be doing the night lapse tonight which is kind of a bummer. So it’s actually really looking forward to trying that.

I’ve never done it before but, I’ll have to do it at a later date mark, and Ashley basically have not slept in like 48 hours we’re just going to call it a night tomorrow’s going to be a really big day do not miss tomorrow’s blog it’s going to be a really good one guys, I’ll see you then have a good night, and let’s get lost again tomorrow that’s the other recorded.

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