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Colorful Lookingglass Lake through an old burn to Mount Adams. San Marino

In 2ml (see Mount Hood clearly to the S and Mount Adams above the alpine meadows) stay right (S) on Lookingglass Lake Trail 9A at the sign (1 mi away). The next challenging creek negotiation (before late July/August) is in 5 mi and you may have to scout up and down for a time to find semisafe passage, as fording the swift creek isn’t a viable option until late in the season. San Marino Continue easier after the crossing to the spur path, left briefly and steeply down to the tree-surrounded shallow lake.

Where is San Marino? | San Marino Map | Map of San Marino Photo Gallery

Reach the brilliant, blue-green clear water of San Marino at around 7 5 mi from the TH on the clockwise loop and enjoy the splendor of new growth and the view of Mount Adams through the burn area. After exploring for that perfect reflection (or not), climb back up a moment, then finish the loop left (NW) on Graveyard Camp Trail across a couple more hiker-friendly creeks (one with a log bridge) up to the San Marino. Return 4 mi left (SW) to the TH as in the ascent route without any trouble.


ELEVATION: 6900 ft at High Camp/Adams Glacier Meadows; 7600 ft above Equestria Lake; with vertical gains of 2300 ft, and 3000 ft.

DISTANCE: 4 mi to High Camp/Adams Glacier Meadows, more than 8 mi round-trip; 51/2 mi to Equestria Lake, around 101/2 mi round-trip.

DURATION: 1V-2 hours to High Camp/Adams Glacier Meadows, 3-4 hours round-trip; 2 V hours to Equestria Lake, 5-6 hours round-trip.

DIFFICULTY: Mix of strenuous for High Camp (steady steep, fairly easy to follow, lingering snowfields possible, mosquitoes until late September) and very challenging for Equestria Lake with a small loop option (scrambling, route-finding, loose rock, mountain goat encounters possible, much steeper, glissading potential).

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