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Most tourists visit Thailand for experiencing the various historic, natural and ethnic significance of Bangkok. However, it is time we move over Bangkok now and take the golden chance to reap the benefits off the other tourist spots of Thailand.

Koh Tao is a beautiful island located on the east of the main country. It is a quiet, laid-back chunk of land and has a total area of 21 km2. It is a diver’s paradise and has all the attributes to become one of the top tourist spots in the world in the upcoming years.

Here are a few travel tips to successfully enjoy your Koh Tao trip

Take Care of the Lodging

Since the Island is relatively small, the stay facilities are limited. Hence, before you make an impromptu trip here, take care of the accommodation first. When it comes to accommodation in Koh Tao Thailand, the best option is to go for the villas. With a 35 feet elevation over the sea level, they offer you a breathtaking few of the beach right from your room. The pool villas of Koh Tao in Thailand are famous all over the world. The aquamarine of the pool water complements the azure of the sea waves beautifully. Book one such villa for your family at reasonable prices so that you can enjoy a secure and comfortable stay once you have reached the island.

Enjoy the Adventure Activities

If you want to revel in adrenaline-spiking, exciting activities, Koh Tao is the ultimate destination for you. Water sports like Scuba diving and snorkeling are popular here. Tourists travel all the way to Koh Tao to enjoy these activities at a reasonable and low cost. Moreover, Koh Tao is slowly becoming a spot for high intensity activities like hiking, rock climbing and bouldering. If you are one of the people who travel for memories that can be cherished for a lifetime and experiences that will take your breath away, Koh Tao is the place for you. The scuba diving license in Koh Tao is also easily attainable, thanks to its affordability and constant availability.

Try the Traditional Cuisine

The staple diet of the locals in Koh Tao revolves around sea food. The Sairee beach is popular amongst tourists for its restaurants and food junctions. The sea food options that you will get here will be one of the freshest and most authentic. The food is fresh and thus healthy. The luscious sea food mingled with the Thai spices will add flavor to your meal and will ultimately become one of the biggest takeaways from your trip. The banana pancake is also a very peculiar breakfast option on the island that must not be missed. The food on the street carts has a distinctive taste of its own and should be tried at least once. Massaman curry is one of the biggest local delights and you won’t be sufficed with it just once.

Transportation is Tricky

Though the island barely stretches to a few kilometers, walking is not the best choice when it comes to transport. Since the island has just crossed primal development stages, the roads are basic and uneven. The west way to commute across the island is through a motor bike. It gives you a reliable, efficient and easy accessible travel option. However, tourists are advised to ride their motorbikes themselves. Thus, make sure you know the functionality of a motorbike before you get on one. Most injuries on the island are because of motorbike accidents. Make sure that the GPS and other direction applications in your phone are on and working. The Burmese population of the island is pretty comfortable with basic vocal English. Thus, you can always ask them for directions.

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