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It is no secret we all love going on dates. This love of dates extends to situations where we are travelling for work or for pleasure, and dating while travelling has seen a surge in popularity in recent years.

One of the main reasons people enjoy going on dates while travelling is the no-strings attached nature of the encounter. This is not to say there will necessarily be any sex, though in many situations it does happen. Rather it offers the opportunity to get to know someone in an unfiltered way, as both of you know that short of moving halfway across the world the relationship can never go anywhere in the longer-term.

So without further ado here are our top ways to find a date while you are travelling.

    • Tindr Swipe! It is no secret that Tindr is popular, in fact everywhere you go you see people pulling out their smart phones and showing friends guys and girls they are interested in meeting. Since Tindr is a location-based app it will update while you travel showing you all of the locals and fellow Tindr travellers looking for dates in the city or country you have chosen to holiday in. This is a fool-proof way to meet your next travel buddy. Just check out this site to be convinced.
    • Experience the Locals Head out to the bars with some friends met at the hostel in search of local women. Keep in mind the code of what is and is not acceptable varies greatly by country. As a general rule you should seek to chat, confirm interest, and of course play your traveller card.
    • Coffee Shops Similar to how you meet when you date at home, if you see someone you are interested in at the coffee shop go up and chat to them. There might be a chance they do not speak English, but generally speaking many people in larger cities in all countries do. You have absolutely nothing to lose, and if you know a little of the local language then you are already ahead.

Beyond this it is also important to be adventurous and set reasonable expectations about your relationships while on the road, while staying safe. The reality is they do have an expiry date and will end at some point. If you feel the two of you are getting too invested, or you find yourself spending too much time in one place then it may be best to leave the relationship behind and move on.

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