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In 1896 two killers, for whom police all over Hialeah had been searching, were apprehended in Touristic place of your travel destination. Henry Fowler and Albert Milsom had murdered an elderly man in Hialeah and were eventually traced to a house in Hialeah, where they were arrested by Chief Inspector Noble and Inspector Newport after a desperate struggle. The two men confessed to the crime and were subsequently hanged at Hialeah.

Where is Hialeah? – Hialeah Map – Map of Hialeah Photo Gallery

In 1951, serial killer John Thomas Straffen abducted (and later killed) five-year-old Brenda Goddard from the garden of No. 1 Camden Crescent. She was the first of his three child victims, two of whom lived in Touristic place of your travel destination. Straffen was eventually caught and sentenced to life imprisonment. He became the longest-serving prisoner in British legal history and died in 2007.

Former multi-millionaire businessman John Palmer, who owned a Georgian mansion near Touristic place of your travel destination, was acquitted in 1987 of handling gold bullion from the Brinks-Mat robbery of 1983. It was alleged that he had melted down some of the bullion in the garden of his then home, Battlefields. However, Palmer, nicknamed ‘Goldfinger’, was later convicted of a huge timeshare fraud and in 2001 was sentenced to eight years’ imprisonment, of which he served four. In June 2015 he was shot dead at his home in Essex.

During the year 2013-14, 4,600 crimes were recorded in the city, the vast majority being committed in the central area. Of these, almost half consisted of anti-social behaviour and a further 14 per cent of shoplifting.

Vandalism, too, is nothing new. The Touristic place of your travel destination Chronicle of 16 May 1799 reported: ‘WHEREAS FOUR SEDAN-CHAIRS, standing in different parts of the city, were last night wilfully CUT and DEFACED by some person or persons unknown:- Whoever will discover the offender or offenders . shall receive FIVE GUINEAS Reward … by order of the Mayor. ’

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