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Airport transfer services have recently taken the world by storm by making the whole concept of movement and transportation simpler, easier and hassle-free for the travellers. As this is a relatively new concept, many people are not clear about some aspects of airport transfer services. If you are one of them, then this guide is going to be really helpful to you. Read on to find out answers to all the frequently asked questions on airport transfer services.

1. Isn’t public transport better and cheaper than airport transfer services?

Better No; cheaper may be. For instance, you have just landed at London Heathrow Airport and are quite exhausted after a long, tiring flight. All you would be wanting for is peace and relaxation while you are being transferred. But if you choose public transportation, all you would be deprived of is peace and relaxation. You would be the only one who would be handling your luggage as well as taking care of the movement. As there would be no one public vehicle bound for your destination (unless you are lucky enough), you would be required to change a number of vehicles to get to your destination, adding more to your hassles. Do you think this is better than an airport taxi from London Heathrow Airport bound to your destination place? As far as price is concerned, it is found that the prices of taxis or cabs are not enough to burn a hole in your pocket. May be public transportation is a bit cheaper but at what expense?

2. Can’t I simply get a taxi after arriving at the airport? Why should I think about airport transfer services?

Yes, you can. But ask yourself: in such an exhausted state, would it be possible for you to do that, especially when you have to take care of your luggage as well? There is hardly anyone who would want to run after taxis with his suitcases given he has just deplaned and has just stepped out of airport after a good deal of time spent on collecting documents, valuables and baggage, clearing customs and other requirements, which almost felt like aeons. So, if you are thinking of hiring an airport taxi from London Heathrow Airport after arriving at the airport, then do not think about your comfort, convenience, ease, composure and value of time. When it comes to the reason why you should avail of airport transfer services, then it is simply because you are quite particular about your comfort, time and peace of mind.

3. Airport transfer services are about corporate privileges. Isn’t it so?

Not at all times. Yes, almost all companies do provide airport transfer services for corporate and executives, but they also take bookings from individuals, families, friends, groups, etc. in equal numbers. That means, if you want to use the services for personal or private affairs, you easily can. You can decide your drop point anywhere in the region where the transferring company’s network is spread, which could not necessarily be a business centre or hotel.

4. Airport transfer services are mostly executed by limos. Can’t I book any other vehicle of my choice?

There are some companies that have kept their fleet limited to luxury limousines. But, if, in case, you do not want to hire such a car, then you can go with another airport transfer company active in your region. One thing that you should be aware of is that there is no dearth of companies rendering transfer services. You can easily find a transfer company with its fleet as wide as it could be. From sedans to hatchbacks to taxis to cabs to luxury cars to minibuses to SUVs, anything you name is available for hire with one or the other company. All you need to do is search for the right fit.

These are four of the questions frequently asked by someone considering airport transfer services. With the aid of a professional airport transfer company like, you would be least worried about or doubtful of any part of your transfer. So, make sure you avail yourself of such a dependable airport transfer companies’ services.

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