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My wife and I are full time office workers and we barely stay at home to care for our kid which is really devastating in my part as their mother. So I personally ensure that our family will always have a weekend getaway outing to be able to bond with the kids. My family loves the beach and sun so my wife made some reservation at Catamaran Resort. We’ve heard about this resort at my dad’s place when he had a BBQ cook out at one time during the weekend.
When we arrive at the resort, my kids are so thrilled and are bursting with excitement as they have a clear vision of the beach. My wife and I are also pleased because of the Hawaii scenery they put up with the place. As we check in on our rooms, I would say that my wife has a taste when it comes to choosing of rooms, we have the best view of the Mission Bay and my kids love it.
So much of the room, we have decided to eat out for brunch. On my surprise my wife had already made a 1:00pm reservation at Oceana Coastal Kitchen. We arrived at the place at exactly 12:50pm which is a little early for a 1pm reservation so I taught we still have to wait but I was surprise when one of their staff politely approach us and direct us to our table. I forgot the name of our server but she is really nice and pleasant. She even explains to us their menu and asks if we wanted some champagne or a bottomless mimosa’s so we choose the bottomless for the both of us and pineapple juice for the kids.
For our brunch, my wife had a Grilled Ribeye and I had a Cabo Crab Louis. I have been yearning for seafood’s for the past weeks. Aside from that we also tried their King Crab Legs. For the kids, we ordered their Oceane House Roll and Prime Rib Sandwiches. For our sweet tooth, we had some Cookie Plate which is made out of three triple-chocolate chip cookies, Warm Skillet Brownie & Cream which is baked to order with some vanilla ice-cream and for my youngest a Warm Chocolate Cream Filled Dough Nuts with vanilla dipping sauce.
Don’t judge us, my kids are growing. As their stuff brings in the meal, I was so please because everything in the platter looks delish, especially the King Crab Legs, the crab meat was so fresh, tender and tasty. It perfectly blends with the delicious Mimosa, my wife also enjoys his Grilled Ribeye because I never see her so focused on what he is eating since we got married (or he is just very hungry). My kids although playing while eating finished their roll and sandwich, I cannot really blame them for having so much fun because aside from the breathtaking ocean view, the staff are also friendly with the kids. I would also like to commend Oceana Coastal Kitchen management for hiring pleasant approachable employees. Aside from that, the place looks superb and super tidy thinking that sand can easily get inside from the beach.
All in all, my family really enjoys our brunch at Oceana Coastal Kitchen and we will definitely coming back for more and next time I would love to try their Oceane Seafood. My family will never forget our weekend experience with Oceana Coastal Kitchen. Thanks you so much for the great eating experience.

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