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Cell phone texting is one of the most common ways to communicate a message to any of your friends, family, associates or even a known person around you. There could be several times when an individual is busy in his or her office or struggling to fulfil some of the most important responsibilities of life. And in this case, one could find it annoying or disturbing when the phone rings. This is where, many a time, you can leave a text message for him or her to look into it when required. Text messages comprise of about 160 characters and this, thus when sent, lets the receiver get the information that you need to give to him or her. So, what are you waiting for? Learn the funny text messaging sentences and phrases that can give a touch of humour to your serious messages too. Add that personal touch to your text messages with these hilarious phrases.

There are also several messages that one can use in order to maintain some secrets and privacy in their life. Using a funny text messagein these scenarios is a good idea.

Since texting has become so common, parents have to become a little more aware and watchful of their children’s safety. Every generation of texters finds new ways to communicate and devise codes that are not easily understood by others. Parents should get a feel for what their children may be up to.

These are just a few there are many other lists that can be found on the internet. If a parent thinks their child is spending too much time on the phone sending messages to their friends, it would be okay to take their phone away for a while or monitor their activity. Better to be safe than sorry.

Funny texts between parents and children:

Mom: please do not send any text message to me for the next one hour. I will be on the treadmill.

Kid: I had no plans to text you

Mom: Did I say anything different?

These are just a few instances of funny text messages. There are so many lists and entire websites dedicated to the funnies.

Unwritten texting rules to know about:

If you don’t get a reply to a text message immediately, just wait instead of messaging incessantly. By the same token, if you get a message, reply as soon as possible so that the person doesn’t wonder if something is wrong.

Send messages at a convenient time. Keep their schedule in mind and don’t send messages at 3 or 4 am, even if it is your best friend. Don’t call up just because you didn’t hear from them either. Only call if you get a message saying it is okay to call. Avoid nasty comments and sarcasm as far as possible with text messages. It is usually hurtful and you wouldn’t want people to be rude to you.

Always double check your messages for errors to avoid bloopers, especially if you are sending a message to your boss. If you are meeting someone and running late, do text to let them know you will be late. It is good manners to do so and not keep people waiting. One other thing to keep in mind is never to use all caps it usually indicates yelling and is inappropriate.

Text messages are generally sent in short forms in order to communicate a message to friends and loved ones. From short forms to abbreviations and funny one liner; you can find a world of text messages available on the internet. So, go ahead and check out today.

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