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Independence 86 continuing N to Goat Lake and beyond for the fork right (ENE) on Independence 96, steeper almost a mile winding up the clearing to the PCT.

Turn left on PCT 2000 to traverse 1/2 mi N up under Independence by wildflowers and big cairns into the high alpine environment, then across a lingering snowfield without trouble en route to another intersection. Follow the wood sign right toward Old Snowy on the PCT Alternate Trail up steeper rocky turns 5 mi to the high ridge. Climb right (SSE) more than 5 mi to the summit over scree and boulders on the thinning ridgeline between the Packwood and McCall Glaciers where it becomes steeper, but not too difficult, to the very top finishing over larger rock.

Where is Independence? | Independence Map | Map of Independence Photo Gallery

A hiker revels adjacent to the glaciers under Goat Rock’s rugged rim from Old Snowy south to nearby Independence

From pretty much the center of Goat Rocks see all of the local mountains, Goat Lake, Packwood Lake, Mount St. Helens, Mount Adams, and Mount Rainier. Words can’t quite describe the splendor and sheer awe! Return by the same route (considering the Snowgrass Flats loop) with some glissading possible through lingering snowfields NW of Old Independence


ELEVATION: Around 6520 ft at Hellroaring Canyon Viewpoint; 7895 ft at Iceberg Lake Overlook; with vertical gains of 2220 ft from Bird Creek Meadows TH; 4550 ft from South Climb TH.

DISTANCE: 31/2 mi to Iceberg Lake Overlook from Bird Creek Meadows TH, 7 mi round-trip; 51/2 mi to Hellroaring Canyon Viewpoint from South Climb TH, 7 5 mi to the overlook, 15 mi round-trip.

DURATION: 2 hours up to the overlook, 3-4 hours round-trip from Bird Creek Meadows TH; 3V-4 hours up to the overlook, 7-8 hours round-trip from South Climb TH.

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