Is 6:30 the Sun has risen, and it looks like we’re off to a beautiful start here in blush of we’re going to the train station right now by taxi, and last night. I slept about three hours literally about a 20-minute taxi cost us two US dollars like not each between us all aboard the train to Neverland. So we’re getting raspberries, and blackberries on the train here just over an hour later we are now in tonight, and we’re heading to one of the cows, I’ll get them Jagger.

So the man selling the fudge was very fundamental man. I was trying to buy fudge. I was like oh.

I just want for late worth which is like a dollar just over $1 worth, and he’s like no. I can’t do it he wants to sell like mass amounts apparently minimum wage around 250 a month euro kind of asked like what’s the average person making on an hourly basis, and they said roughly about seven lei, and again divide that by four you get your us amount the wages are very low here. But that man still didn’t want to sell me a dollar with a fudge crystal clear one blue skies did you look at it.


I’m looking at it just look at that look at that idea for thought legit would you look at it no they didn’t live here full-time this was a summer home always bring your student card when you’re traveling the entrance fee here was 20 lei regular 5 lei force you. We’ve been in line for about an hour yeah we’re so close.

But the remaining people don’t exactly wait lines we keep getting pushed further back you go crystal to you. So we have foot condoms on now. So that we don’t skip off the floors look at Pratt just you me people four thousand houses no this is the coolest castle.

I’ve ever seen in my entire life like there’s so much intricate detail look it’s just the woodwork right here. I have to keep my camera down.

Because they want us to pay like basically 10 euros dollar fee to use cameras no one really listens to it. So yeah look at this this is just one of the little banisters. So apparently this is the palace of the first ever king in Romania, and he came from Germany yeah okay that’s a trapdoor over there behind the bookshelf look at this ballroom.

So this year is ebony wood, and decorated with like all these different precious stones marble fireplace like. I’m just gonna go perch myself in the throne see you later. So I’m gonna get my drone up.

But like. I don’t know what the drone rules are in Romania let alone being near castle. I’m gonna.

I’m not gonna fly anywhere near it but I have to get at least some aerial shot. I’m can go from Toronto in it you know you go boss really for such a cool castle this fountain is extremely underwhelming.

I don’t know how security will react to a drone here. And I was kind of scared like. I’m in Romania.

But a guy came up to me it’s like as long as you don’t fly near the castle it should be fine you go the bosses bought a rubix. So what’s your record time for cracking the code 11 seconds. So you’re actually like a prodigy.

I can’t do like right away. I need like a good cute you come the experiences you talk is very pretty are you solving all the sides at one time or you’re not like order for you, I’ll tell you what. I’m doing okay.

Because, I’ll get ready yeah three two one boom. So I solved the white cross first obviously yeah, and then now. I’m solving the middle two layers good sense do it you must have done that about 30 seconds you say this castle right there is for sale.

I might just start a hostel in Romania boys are going up a gone Oh need to be the servicing it’s okay yeah this thing is fast yeah warp speed we made it we’re up in the mountains how’s it feel Hugo it’s pretty great guys this is what it’s about he’s so big. So this guard dog looks very friendly.

But of course never just sit very very unpredictable nope you think you’re with. I’m the boss 7:45 white-on-white that’s an open Ross. I cut him wide.

I cut him long. I cut him fast well. I keep them coming back tomorrow okay all right.

So we’re helping back on the train we’re going from sanaya back to Peru shelf, and that’s where we’ll be staying tonight pretty funny though like. I’m in this train station instead of having like a nice little sign saying terminal three-year terminal for Romanian style is simply spray paint the wall the boys have successfully returned to brush off, and now we’re going to go back to the hospital get her bag then go to a new hostel. But unfortunately the one we were at last night was booked although.

I didn’t love the one from last night. So I’m good to check out new ones ten lay yes okay he speaks French hey those of you who comment that you miss the old days when I stayed in places well don’t worry those days are back Stein.

And I are literally yeah we’re in the Attic it’s so hot up here. Because all the heat rises, and like this insulation keeps the heat in you might help you though yeah.

We’ve got a great nice view let’s take a look like that is a really dope view. But but. I’m.

I would give up this view for comfort yeah well nice eh it’s cool it’s cool it’s really cool yeah get it alright the boys are making some big moves their prices have gone up we’re renting an orange Hyundai for a week where’re we going Bulgaria yeah any beat don’t sleep on us songs cars are energetic bro happy storage okay. So I’m double checking the car we just booked. And I use Google Translate, and Google translated from Romanian whatever the heck it was before it it now says sloshed it sloshed bear refreshed toys are hitting the town he to go bring it out romantic this is celebrate success responsibly.

I’m gonna take it easy tonight. I only got one beer this was $2.00 sign you got no hand Ricky wait.

So we didn’t have to know. But it was based on Baltimore okay no sir the Olympics are going on hope you guys like the blog please leave a thumbs up guys it means a lot more than you think, and see you in the next one let’s get lost again tomorrow.

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