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Everyone loves a pre airport cocktail to kick off their trip on the right foot. But just when you’re about to order, you realize that your stomach is gurgling from something you ate earlier or you’re experiencing a touch of nausea. Don’t let that ruin your preflight ritual! There are a whole mess of cocktails that can help alleviate your belly issues and have you feeling better before takeoff. There’s nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable on a flight of any length. Now you can count on some of these boozy favorites to help provide salvation (and maybe help you nap) on your journey. Whether you’re on a layover for a few hours or need something in a pinch, one of these simple concoctions may be your hero in the long run.

Fernet and Coke
Fernet is an herbal liqueur with a distinct bitter and almost minty flavor. Most bitters that we use as cocktail additives like fernet were originally sold as medicine, if you can believe it. The combined power of the fernet’s digestive relief with the bubbles and caffeine from the coke are sure to help settle you. For a quick fix, opp for a shot of fernet, and chase with ginger ale or coke.

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Gin and Tonic
Tonic water is a great remedy to relieve indigestion and provide alleviation for gastric discomfort. Gin is made of Juniper berries, a superfood that helps fight toxins out of your system. So, what’s a better cocktail to cast out those those pre-flight stomach bubbles than a gin and tonic! This will be easy to find at any airport bar and will be a light and quick fix before you hop on board.

Moscow Mule
Ginger has been known to ease nausea and sore throats for hundreds of years. And with the added carbonation, ginger beer hits both remedy methods right on the head. Try a moscow mule to ease your stomach and still feel trendy. The natural citrus of the lime juice will also help break down residual food in your stomach. Why knew that a moscow mule could be your new medicine of choice?

Mojitos are known for their use of fresh muddled mint, which can definitely help an uneasy stomach. The lime juice and club soda can also help you feel settled before you’re in the air. And the rum can’t really hurt either! If you can, ask for a natural sweetener option or less sugar to avoid agitating your tummy.

Brandy Sour
Brandy has always been associated as an after dinner drink, and there is definitely a reason for that. It’s known to aid in crucial processes of digestion, thus relieving stomach discomfort. Add in some lemon juice with wonderful neutralizing acids and a touch of simple syrup for a tasty remedy. You can’t really go wrong with such a simple and timeless cocktail!

Now that we’ve armed you with a whole arsenal of alcoholic favorites to ease your stomach woes, you’ll never have to miss a chance to grab a drink again. Try one of these cocktails before you even board to enjoy a smooth ride the whole way through. Be sure not to overdo it because I’m sure this will have the opposite effect on your belly!

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