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International Employment Gazette, 423 Townes St., Greenville, SC 29601 (a800-882- 9188; An online subscription service that publishes avail able overseas jobs every 2 weeks. US$20 per month., ( Searchable database of service and entertain ment jobs at resorts around the world.

StepStone, UK office: StepStone ASA, 2 Bell Court, Leapale Lane, Guildford, Surrey GUI 4LY, Great Britain (a44 14 83 73 94 50; fax 44 14 83 73 94 99; www.step- An online database covering international employment openings for most of Europe. Several search options and a constantly changing list of openings.

WORK AND STUDY VISA INFORMATION. Work and study visas I for most countries can be acquired only with the help of a sponsoring organi zation in that country; non-EU nationals looking for work may have a hard time getting permission, and, if they do secure a permit, it may be valid for only 3-6 months. The organizations listed under Long-Term Work (see 69) may be able to find sponsors, while the Center for International Business and Travel (CIBT; see 12) can help expedite the visa process. Study-abroad programs or universities should have no problems sponsoring study visas; check before applying to an institution. Citizens of the EU are free to work in any EU member country, but they may need special permits. Contact the con sulate of the country in which you want to work for more info.

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