Trades of Cambodia

Trades of Cambodia

Cambodian women are skillful traders. Hence, many Chinese men, who immigrated to Cambodia, are quick to get married because they would gain both a companion and a commercially viable partner. Every day, the women folks get up early to bring their commodities to the marketplace for selling. There are no stands, stalls, or shopping houses in the market. People place mats on the ground and display their products on them. The trading activity lasts until noon while everyone is going home. I heard that there are fees to be paid to officials for the use of the marketplace.

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People sell all kinds of stuffs in the market—from rice to clothing items to gold. Usually, people are respectful of Chinese traders. Every time they meet the Chinese traders, they would bow their heads as if paying respect to god. However, recently, there have been some cheating and swindling against Chinese traders who had just flocked into the country.

Popular Imported Chinese Products

Many Chinese products are highly sought after in Cambodia.

Among these are: gold and silver products, colorful clothes, lead from Cheng Pui, tea tray from Oujiv, floral decorated vases from Jujiv, henna, paper, bronze, umbrellas, combs, needles, pots, ginseng roots, and deer glands, etc. In addition, people also like large decorative mats made in Meng Jiv, which are rare, for it is difficult to transport them from China to Cambodia.

Trees and Vegetations

Cambodia and China have many plants in common such as pomegranates, sugarcane, lotuses, bananas, and parsley, etc. Lychees and tangerines are similar to those found in China except that they taste a bit sour. Other than that, there are a lot of trees which are unique to Cambodia. Beside trees, Cambodia also has a variety of exotic flowers. Some flowers, whose names I did not know, even grow in water. As for some trees such as Thau-li, Hengbouy, Songbek, Samkway, Leychow, Eangliv, Kuylang, and Keklouy, they are not found in Cambodia. In this country, lotus flowers could be found even in the first month of the year.

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