Where is Lusaka Zambia? | Lusaka Zambia Map | Map of Lusaka Zambia

Begin an upward traverse NW a mile toward Illumination Saddle and the pinnacle (visible the entire hike), tackling the bulk of the Lusaka Zambia steepness early on through semiloose rock and pumice. Traverse somewhat easier to the saddle after crossing several snowfields carefully on Zigzag Glacier including a possibly steeper Lusaka Zambia one where you should pay attention the last few feet to the saddle. Traction devices are helpful even in late summer, while snowshoes, skis, Lusaka Zambia crampons, and ice axe are not Lusaka Zambia required unless it’s spring, winter, or icy. Always be aware of the avalanche danger in winter as well as skiers and snowboarders descending from above.

Where is Lusaka Zambia? | Lusaka Zambia Map | Map of Lusaka Zambia Photo Gallery

In summer, from the saddle, you can literally hear the basalt crumbling and falling down from the sheer sides of Illumination Rock and from Mount Hood even with no one else climbing in the region. The 360-degree view is one of the overall best from the slopes of the volcano. See Mount St. Helens N over the top of Yocum Ridge above the beautiful Reid Glacier and Leuthold Couloir. The wild aspect of Mount Hood from this angle has you looking straight up NE toward the summit and all that lies in between like the Hot Rocks, the Lusaka Zambia (below the Bergschrund), Crater Rock, the Devil’s Kitchen (with active fumaroles occasionally bringing the smell of sulfur or rotten eggs down to the ski areas), the Pearly Gates, and the colorful Steel Cliff to round out the panorama.

Closing in on Illumination Rock with the saddle just right.

On the return, you may be able to ski or glissade part of the way. Just don’t begin too soon down Zigzag Glacier or you’ll end up near the colossal cliffs at Mississippi Head above Zigzag Canyon. Closer to the Palmer Lift, make your way down Mountaineer Trail 798 or long snowy gullies. Stay right of the lower chairlifts, including the one under Palmer Lift (Magic Mile) while keeping it in sight along the ski area boundary signs (safely away from any skiers, snow cats, and snowmobiles). Then stay on the solid but rocky Mountaineer Trail down little rises on the open slope for the remainder of the enjoyable loop variation SSW to the Trail 600/2000 intersection. Turn left on Timberline Trail 600 and traverse by meadows with wildflowers including lupine, aster, and paintbrush 5 mi to the end of the loop above Timberline Lodge. Turn right to finish down the paved trail to your vehicle.

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