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Hey guys it is about 9:30.

We’ve checked out of the hostel, and we’re going back up that mountain where we were yesterday where we nearly got struck by lightning if you didn’t watch the blog go check it out it was insane like one of the most incredible Incredibles maybe a bit of a weird word. But it was there’s one of the most incredible experiences of my life, and we survived it my shoes are soaking wet they’ve got mud inside of them a little bit gross. But come on take you delivery yet spot should have a healthy it was one of us is interrupt another episode us know most part is hmm.

So sure what was yesterday’s storm today is an absolutely beautiful day the Sun is back out, and today we actually have about a five hour train ride we’re going to a place called collage, and it’s known to be a student City trying to find a breakfast place any ideas sign nope we’re lost we’re locked in city centre okay / – no idiot just like the rest of Europe apparently it looks like Romanians also aren’t breakfast lovers. So we’re gonna have to look a little harder ancient rustic so much of the time is in Toronto representing the left left should be gap taking Naga to holiness laughing what do you want.

So I look my draw it out. Because this is an amazing place to fly it my drone may be broken from the rain last night it won’t start. I think the black cap cursed it it was you wasn’t eats in the adult alone well guys it’s officially not working at all.

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So I’ve stuffed it with napkins. And I’m just gonna have to hope that it dries out. I think the batteries may be part of the issue cuz they definitely got quite wet they had water on them a little bit of a moisture, and it doesn’t really take too much to ruin a battery really sucks.

Because I need a drone for Romania. And I don’t want to buy a new one feel like it’s a burial just like hiding the corpse was nice knowing the wild turkey. So you might see some Angela Titan ain’t gonna be honest guys.

I am pretty choked right now the drone. I need it. I need it.

So badly it’s like one of my favorite things about traveling is getting the drone up sharing that unique perspective, and right now. I just have to keep my fingers crossed that it’s just a tiny bit of moisture inside the drone hopefully putting it in napkins letting it sit for a day maybe two days will bring it back to life. I’ve seen crazier things.

I saw a tiny bit of battery acid coming out of one of my batteries. So that one might be a write-off but. I’m just gonna really hope that the other ones a survivor he’s not very obedient alright guys.

We’ve got our stuff we’re heading out we’re leavin brasov, and we’re leaving the Rolling Stone hostel if you guys are looking for hostel. I actually really like this one it’s in a cool area, and it’s really homey how are you thank you our cab driver was like. So nice.

But he was such an aggressive driver he was like tailing everyone, and then whenever some drove slowly he would like look back, and give them dirty looks did you notice that he kept oh whenever you pass the slow driving he’d slow down, and then he’d give him like a dirty look that’s it hitchhike possibly what’s the situation here. I might not have a chain for the next two hours that’s the case you check my hitchhike yeah you gotta risk it to get the biscuit making. I can make a sign though listen card yes okay.

So operation hitchhike is in full effect we are going to the overpass where people would turn off to go to coluche which apparently is like a five hour train maybe six hours 300 kilometers away, and we’re going to try to get there for free on someone else’s car. I also just got my SIM card set up. So if someone’s an axe murderer at least, I’ll be able to get a text out yeah it’s gonna be good it’s gonna be good thank you all right good luck the boys are back in town alright.

So we took like a 20-minute cab ride to the outskirts of town, and now it’s time to do a little bit of this alright within 30 seconds somebody has pulled over we need to see where they’re going no they don’t know we’re going to clues. So pulled over up ahead let’s see what he has to say that’s his car right now turns out he was just telling us he was getting gas yeah we don’t actually ever ride yeah oh those 10 seconds help us we are forward we want to put the clues take a swig take me to the motherland we want to go to collage where the beer flows like wine, and the salmon flock like the attractive women of the Capistrano River, and they start up the set when can you say no to this face beautiful Canadian boys we must smile more there’s no women driving ah no it’s not coming back. So as we’re like hitchhiking here someone walked by, and he’s also got a clue sign.

So he’s also a hitchhiker, and of course like you can’t fit for people suits like Auto where, I’ll go further down. So anyways he went down there. We’ve been here for like 15 20 minutes with a thumbs up, and this guy just got picked up by like a nice car s mhm it’s true the closer you get students to use it’ll be yeah we had a lead.

But like he wasn’t going to Cluj. So we were confused. And I think we lost them what.

I told it. I was like it’s gonna be a Volkswagen it takes a guy around me are familiar faces worn out places worn out faces alright. So things aren’t going that well it’s been about 45 minutes now we’re still giving our best though we had two people pull over one of them we definitely should have taken up on they offered to drive us like halfway.

But like we’re new to this whole thing, and we’d be messed up, and the other person well they pulled over. But they only had room for two. So we’re gonna get it we’re gonna get it make sure your checkers we got a bus come back we came up it’s too much no tomorrow.

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