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A bird just flew into the window you see it’s guard yeah largest googled what to do when a bird hits your window. So apparently you’re supposed to leave it for five minutes if it doesn’t move up to five minutes if it’s inactive then you’re supposed to put it in a little box or a big box, and put it in a dark warm place in your house. So whether Lauren’s that wants it or not.

I think we’re about to bring a bird into the house it’s a dead it gets pretty dead this is a Viking burial it looks pretty dead life is fragile life is a delicate thing never take it for granted what well maybe they can fix the bird sure you set it with the lift yeah hey. I have two things that are broken, and need fixing patient of what. I’m working on right now.

I haven’t announced what the giveaway is but I can tell you this much guys my heart my blood my sweat, and tears are poured into this project, and my computer is about to crash it’s like a it’s like 500 gigabytes of clips in here it’s just it’s overwhelming when Abby. And I do voiceovers we normally just use our iPhones the iPhones actually an incredible voice recorder like.

I don’t know how it does it on such a small package. But compared to Abby’s rode mic it doesn’t quite compare. So this being my biggest project.

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I’m going through the extra step if you’re looking for a mic the rode mic Pro is just unbelievable Abby. And I told you that we’re waiting on a really big email that could theoretically take us halfway around the world in the next week like not even like three four days. So very very short notice very exciting Abby.

And I have been kind of like holding our breaths on this one. Because it would be really big we’re still waiting to hear back from them like where’s we know we’re being considered. But there’s other parties involved.

I mean it’s just taking. So long, and lore doesn’t even have our passport here. So if we do get it she’s gonna have to like overnight her passport all the way from the other side of Canada to here.

I’m gonna have to pack. I’m gonna have to buy some of the clothing this doesn’t come to fruition Abby. And I have some really big plans for Vancouver we’re gonna be doing a really cool series there in Vancouver, and that will probably start about a week after getting home hola amigos.

I just uploaded a new blog, and it’s the one where we go to the sandbar the exact same place that we are headed to right now. But if you haven’t seen the blog it’s amazing you should check it out, and we are off to the races look at that beautiful sailboat Katie look who’s joining us today the classic Abby last one on the boat just getting to come with you thank you welcome back to the sandbar we have just arrived. And I flew an amazing drone flight what did you guys think look what we have.

We’ve brought the game back out. But this time we’re gonna be on the same team we’ll be on the same team, and Mark, and kitty aren’t gonna know what hit them because. We’ve got all the experience in the world.

So it was packed here about an hour ago, and it’s about 5:30 now we probably about two hours worth of sunlight left, and everyone’s headed out it’s also probably our last minutes here on the sandbar. I don’t think. We’ve back here before we go home to Vancouver.

But our next destination will be Montreal these guys are heading home tomorrow morning I’d refer back to VR YVR two months away back home now yeah if you haven’t already seen their blogs they went to South America Brazil Argentina we were saying goodbye to the sandbar we will be back next year Abby. And I just did a relationship goals workup she just did five reps. But she’s still got a few more she’s a witch at the Halloween if you want your spooky costume ideas go to Abby’s even last year we had a couples costume idea that had like has a hundred thousand views now it’s pretty good, and my most viewed post has 1.

6 million views, and it’s Halloween costume idea. So here she is your Halloween guru ride the broom. I’m actually a lot of really fun Halloween posts here hello means specialists Laurie summer went by.

So quickly. But then. I was like it’s it’s almost weird.

Because like it hasn’t been relevant to us because. We’ve been in hot countries regardless of what season it is my seasonal compass is no longer calibrated. But it’s been nice.

I personally don’t really like the cold. So yeah if you’re wondering where we’re going next just think of hot places. Because cold places aren’t really on the itinerary at the moment.

We’ve arrived on the Quebec side okay BIC who woulda thought Canadians, and could be. So fine isn’t that right you guys just like you look like a stock photo. I imagine seeing this photo like in front of great clips like Chum get you unisex haircuts this is where we’re having dinner tonight here at the Pine Lodge this is where we had breakfast sitting right up there yeah what’s the best thing about Pine Lodge skillet cookie what is it it’s a skillet, and they bake a cookie in it, and it comes up gooey with ice cream, and it’s delicious it is the best thing, and this is also a golf course oh right there is one of the first is that the first hole for that’s the fourth thank you they don’t have any cookie skillet they ran out of the cookie dough Oh mark thank you zero again cookie thing that was an amazing meal goodbye Pine Lodge see you next year goodbye mine Lodge as history goodbye mr.

Was goodbye my Lodge s history look at that beautiful sky it has to turn up the exposure that is beautiful, and orange they’re the fire lips this is super impressive for having a party what’s up guys Abby. And I just watched the first episode of season two of narcos if you haven’t already seen it it’s like one of my favorite TV series really really good. But it’s like 2:00 in the morning right now, and it’s time for us to get a bit.

So let’s get lost again tomorrow what’s up guys this is Mark Katie, and virtual Abby Reed here we are doing a blog takeover on Christians blog, and unfortunately today is our last day here at the cottage hanging out with Christian, and Abby. But fortunately we’re going back home to Vancouver. So that’s gonna be pretty cool, and you guys will get to see a lot of Montreal next which is also very cool city just wanted to say that we hope you guys really enjoyed these blogs.

Because this place here at the cottage is one of the specialist places for us all four of us travel all over the world. But when we come here snatching like it yeah if there’s nothing in the world like it it’s just. So relaxing, and it’s such an enjoyable place to be you really hope you enjoyed it we really hope you enjoyed reading sts tours you know we heard that there this great upcoming blog.

I mean I don’t know. But you guys.

I think they’re pretty incredible. So maybe you should go check them out. I think Christians got him linked below you know goodbye he’s gonna give him a big thumbs up that really means a lot to him.

So thumbs up thumbs kryb whatever you want to call it give it one of those for Christian loss LeBlanc, and Abby Reed, and that’s just tours if you like to, and we will see you guys next time from Vancouver.

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