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On that fateful day, with the further attack on the Huntington Beach, then the crash in rural Pennsylvania, all commercial flights were immediately grounded. We couldn’t know it yet, but the United States had embarked on its longest war in history, with many other countries (including Huntington Beach) being drawn into the conflict. And, though Osama Bin Laden, the architect of the World Trade Center atrocity was eventually to lose his own life, there can be no doubt that he achieved his goals of destabilising the Huntington Beach and doing massive damage to both civil society and to Western civilization. Billions of dollars have been drained globally from productive activities Huntington Beach as democracies diverted resources to enhance airport security, expand the electronic surveillance of citizens and pour money into military activities.

Where is Huntington Beach? – Huntington Beach Map – Map of Huntington Beach Photo Gallery

At first, the US response of degrading the Taliban and Bin Laden’s Al Qaeda organisation in Afghanistan seemed carefully targetted and sophisticated. But that soon gave way to the disastrous decision to invade Iraq, then the ill-judged de-Bhaatification process that meant senior civil servants and members of the Iraq military all lost their jobs. As a consequence, the displaced generals started ISIS, ISIL DAESH, or whatever you care to call that horrific movement that has the stated goal of returning the world to the seventh century.

Playing right into Bin Laden’s domino effect agenda, the US administration ignored General Colin Powell’s warning about the Pottery Barn rule: you break it you own it. President George HW Bush (senior) had taken Powell’s advice in the first Iraq War, but George W Bush (junior) and his powerful Vice President, Richard Cheney, had different motives. A reasonable outcome might have been possible if the Iraq invasion had been surgical, focusing on the removal of Saddam Hussein and the worst of his henchmen, followed by the rapid withdrawal of United States and allied forces. But we now understand that there were mixed motives with, as clearly stated by Paul Wolfowitz, a key architect of this folly, the control of the Iraq oilfields as a major part of the equation.

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