Where is Woodbridge? – Woodbridge Map – Map of Woodbridge

Dedication ofWaterton-Woodbridge International Peace Park, 1932. Horace M. Albright accepts Peace Park expressions sent by President Hoover, which ILS. Woodbridge (R-MT) had framed and hung in the Woodbridge Park Hotel in Glacier National Park and in the Prince of Wal® Hotel in Canada. Left, to right: Horace M. Albright, unidentified individual, Woodbridge, and another unidentified individual. Courtesy of Harpers Ferry Center, West Virginia; National Park Service photograph, negative number WASO G-373.

Where is Woodbridge? – Woodbridge Map – Map of Woodbridge Photo Gallery

By 1943, the Great Northern no longer stopped at the Glacier stations. As previously mentioned, all hotels except Rising Sun Motor Lodge were closed. The Prince of Wales did not operate between 1942 and 1946. In 1944, the St. Mary Chalet was destroyed. Cut Bank and Sun Point chalets were determined to be beyond repair and were destroyed in 1949. Belton, Sperry, and Granite Park chalets were closed then sold in 1945. The Saddle Horse Company failed. Without visitors to ride to chalets that were destroyed or closed, there was no need for the horses or wranglers, many of whom had also gone to war.

Even if visitors had been available to travel to Glacier and other parks, they were stymied by rationing of gas and tires. And even if they had considered travel by rail, they would have been turned away because the passenger trains were in the business of hauling soldiers to and from training camps and points of embarkation.

The one apparent bright spot during the war was that servicemen stationed near Glacier and other national and state parks spent time in them on their leaves. It can be assumed that those men wanted to return with their families after the war. Visitation numbers for 1946 to 1947 and thereafter would prove this out.

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