One time we were young dearly carried on, and daring at the Sun by crystal ball Mischa was telling us that you get your helicopter license it will take you about four months it will take you about a hundred hours worth of in air experience it’s going to cost you about fifty six thousand dollars. So by no means a small bill.

But comparable to going to school, and getting your education. Because for some people this becomes their full-time jobs becoming commercial pilot we landed the helicopter on this tiny little bridge the only way to get here is either to take a boat up the pit lake, and then from there walk like hours to get here or take a helicopter. So basically the only people who come here are by helicopter, and right now we’re going to a natural hot spring there’s not really a path just trying to make a no path we’re getting lost this is the past.

I’m not convinced maecius taking a different route but. I’m excited Wow look at that water it’s like a weird dream boy all right guys here we are. We’ve been hiking up this fourth tip of our three days we haven’t eaten since Tuesday.

So we just lost Abby she was eaten by a grizzly bear it’s just me, and black cow. And I’m getting pretty hungry trying our final stretch. I don’t know.

I don’t see civilization in the next 20 minutes going to have to kill off like oh my god flora you’re alive right. So going down the map oh we’re good we’re good we’re good all right guys whoa this is. So cool Marmite this is where one of us disappears it’s gonna be good for the views hopefully someone die what’s with all the steam oh it’s from there you turned it on Thanks like a steam smoke machine God loves it that’s.

So crazy how they take a hot spring in the middle here yeah just coming bubbling out of the rocks right there. So this tree apparently has fallen recently which is a good sign. I can only imagine though if you were just hanging out here, and then that Big Bertha just falls on top that would not be good all everything is like covered in a froth.


So it’s actually really slippery you can see little mini icicles just dangling from the cliffside here pretty cool our feet are really cool right now as. I’m standing in the snow. So it’s hard to adjust Misha doesn’t seem to mind now as we serve it there’s a branch.

And I promise is usually like nice tops, and Ernie it’s nice that is. So nice yourself good standing with her dolly I get that clear yeah totally clear you can see right to the bottom oh don’t say, and beyond the bottoms legs pretty pristine. I was hungry this is a mess BSC helicopters everyone listen they have chips guys it was.

So cool. So Misha had told me like yeah we’re going to go to a hot spring. But in my mind.

I was like this is with me one of those things. I have to force myself to do. But no like it is the skiing temperature right now it’s.

So comfortable like. I could easily stay here all day but I think by the time the Sun sets the wolves will come out, and eat us.

So we’ll probably not going to do it overnight here are the chips kind of risky the camera. But sometimes you gotta risk it get the biscuit know oh my god. I have to be like Oh negative something can you get out.

I’m a lifeguard but. I’m not going in. I’m gonna be honest that’s bravery oh.

So cold. So laureth the side stay here this is your new home you literally look like a fairy tale mermaid lady that you’d meet in the forest you look magical go go go – the less fun part was definitely putting our clothes back on. I feel.

So good right now though like it’s the most refreshing feeling after being in the hot water, and being back on my clothing probably 1 – 2 – 3 yeah probably something like that yeah could be worse there’s always like something really special about being somewhere where few other people have seen before, and this is definitely one of those places we’re so lucky to have been shown this today thank you so much – Misha with BC helicopters we had the most amazing time today.

I literally flew a helicopter on my own like he had his hands completely off the steering wheel today was a good day Abby how about you yeah yeah going like it it’s cool to get the experience to go up, and how its off air feel very lucky not many people get to do that. So it is definitely a very unique opportunity well like if you ever get the chance to highly recommend probably nothing ooh. I like the Lost sweater leather combo like adventure meets bad girl the way back is a little bit colder now Sun setting.

But the adventure doesn’t end. I tried to plug in a microphone into my headphone set. So that.

I could speak directly to the camera. But for some reason the audio did not work. So I’m doing this after hand.

But this was an incredible moment we were flying over the mountains as the Sun had set, and you had this beautiful orange look over the skyline the lights you seemed distance are likely Burnaby, and just behind the mountains would be downtown Vancouver we are back you got wheels there a wheel rolling in yes how do you drop it on let’s do it the wheels you need it all thanks guy wow that goes to show how light why mean relative anyone want to help them it has been such a pleasure Bonita, and guys you have to check out his my blog blog. I like yellow pilot yellow yeah definitely from subscribe to Roma like check out his posts too, and what are you guys flying here what kind of cop do the Robinson helicopter comes in r44 well yeah. And I asked 40 helicopter you guys want to check out with Vancouver like it’s meant to be done BC helicopters amazing time thank you.

So much me sure yeah it is the surprise was. So good. I was looking all day was like mob reaction absolutely yeah.

I think looks good yeah it was. So cool though. I was when we got there.

I was like relieved, and very excited. Because I was cool things. I would be house Walker to Erica’s yeah I’d you guessed it right off the bat which was a little disappointing but.

I knew yeah. I personally would definitely aim to come here in the summer Abby. And I have done a helicopter tour before, and like both are just like totally different personalities how Vancouver but.

I think that the summer is cool. Because it has like so much more color going on you’ve got the green hills different textures of rock the animals return we saw lots of animals last time, and the coolest thing was the blue water like the emerald blue legs up above first of all if you guys like this lost merch Abby.

And I are replica response right. I have. I’ve been in the spread around.

I’ve been wearing for five days wash down. I haven’t washed it it’s so comfortable.

I like. I highly recommend it just based on the comforting quality it’s all linked down below is unlost LeBlanc’s comm you guys can pick it up probably the most exciting announcement Blake. And I are going to Panama which is Central America it’s like bordering Costa Rica Guatemala we leave in like what 7 days we leave really soon.

So that’s going to be the next blogging series Abby honey – why’d you just like leave me out of that van hopper’s show me a few days literally 3 days she’s gonna be a few days, and yeah Abby’s going to LA. So very blogging it, I’ll blog be guys to watch of all y’all watch she’s going to blog if you want to see your LA blog go check that out, and guys let’s get lost again tomorrow alright or not tomorrow. But soon.

I think my next post will be how I use music on my blog okay you you.

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