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If you are about to venture off overseas for a long period of time, whether it is to study or simply to explore the world a little (or maybe even to permanently relocate to a new nation), then it is only fitting that you should throw a memorable going away party. This can allow you to share some last memories with your friends and family, say goodbye to everybody, and get some great photos you can revisit whenever you get homesick or miss certain people from back home.

If, however, you’re struggling for ideas on how to plan the perfect party, keep reading. We’ll provide you with some tips that will help you plan an event that you will remember forever.

Why Themes Are a Good Idea

The most important thing about a going away party is that it should be a fun, happy occasion rather than a sad one, no matter how long you are leaving for. It can therefore help to go for a wacky theme and ensure everyone has a really great time (possibly with lots of alcohol), so they can send you off with a bang!

There are two good themes that work really well for pre-travel farewell parties. One is to base your party on where you are going, and the other is to base it on home!

Destination Parties

If you are just going to one place, for instance to relocate or to study, then it can be fun to theme the party around where you are going, by serving the foods of your new country and perhaps having a little fun with costumes. Some destinations lend themselves to this more than others it is easier to make a funny party with lots of interesting food, music and drinks if you are going somewhere really different to home like India or Japan, or somewhere with a well known cultural identity you can play with like France, Italy or the UK, but a little harder if you are going somewhere like Canada that isn’t so different, or somewhere none of your friends know much about, like Estonia!

American Parties

The alternative to making your party all about your destination, which is also a good idea if you are going to be globe trotting rather than just hitting one part of the world, is to make your party with an American theme. You can choose all kinds of aspects of America to theme your party around, for example there are some great Western party theme ideas, with a mechanical bull and Tex Mex food, a stars and stripes themed party, something sports based if American sports are a big part of your life, or even something like Hollywood as a theme. You can serve up your favorite American foods, including all the things you probably won’t be able to get on your travels, get some American beers, wines and cocktails, and really go all out for your last big night of partying in the USA for the near future!

Whatever you decide to do, make sure that you have a lot of fun and make it a day or night to remember!

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