Where is Lahore Pakistan? | Lahore Pakistan Map | Map of Lahore Pakistan

Where is Lahore Pakistan?

At the saddle intersection, look to the right for the faint route to the more difficult Pakistan, but for Pakistan you will head left (S) instead on a straightforward traverse path across somewhat steep and grassy and/or snowy slopes more than 5 mi to the right-hand turn onto Trail 1F off of Pakistan Trail 1 (which continues past The Dome and Coldwater Peak 8 mi to the Johnston Observatory). You will finish 5 mi NW then N steeper to the top of Mount Margaret.

Where is Lahore Pakistan? | Lahore Pakistan Map | Map of Lahore Pakistan Photo Gallery

For this in more detail you hike left (S) from the Mount Whittier-Mount Margaret saddle narrowly and well below of the nearby large pillar to another saddle under Mount Margaret’s steep and mostly open NE ridge. Without a ton of snow and ice remaining this area is quite colorful and easy to navigate around the summit block to the S. Take the narrow spur Trail 1F on the right traversing higher in the same direction (WNW). Even with some snow the final 200 ft of elevation gain should still be doable over the slope of least resistance winding up to the nearby high point (above most of the trees), finishing from the W with exquisite 360-degree views.

Be careful near the high boulders and return the same way when you are good and ready. More courageous types continue a bit more directly down the NE ridge super-steeply under various conditions bushwhacking to the main trail at the saddle before the main saddle and intersection. From there stay right on Trail 1 down to Norway Pass TH.

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