Map Of Germany And Austria With Cities

Austria as Part of Nazi Germany: 1938-1945 (1 minute)

Hitler ignored both the Treaty of Versailles and the Treaty of St. Germain

which both forbid the unification of Austria and Germany when he jointed Austria with Germany. Austria became a part of Germany a year before World War II broke out in 1939.

By the beginning of the war more than 100,000 Jews, roughly half of all Austrian Jews had left Austria for extermination camps. Austrian troops participated in the early German victories of World War II (1939-1945): the conquest of Poland, Norway, Denmark, Holland, Belgium and France. However, the Soviet Union’s entry into the war slowed the German advance and the entry of the United States into the war in December 1941 greatly advanced the allied cause. In February of 1943 the Germans were defeated at Stalingrad followed by a failed spring offensive this signified the coming allied victory. The future of Austria was discussed. The question that was asked was whether Austria should be considered as a state that was conquered by German or an enemy state. Britain proposed a central European federation that would reunite the former Habsburg lands but the end of the war saw the reestablishment of an independent Austria.

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Map Of Austria With Cities And Towns

The Baroque Belvedere Palace today serves as the Belvedere Museum of 19th and

20th century art

Allied Occupation of Austria: 1945-1955 (1 minute)

The Republic is Restored: 1955-1994 (1 minute)

Austria in the European Union: 1995-Present (1 minute)

Karl Renner, who had been the first chancellor of the First Austrian Republic, worked with the Russians to establish an Austrian provisional government on April 27, 1945. This government was composed of Social Democrats, Christian Socialists and Communists. In September of 1945 the Renner government gained authority over all the states of Austria. The government decided not to create a new constitution but returned to the constitution of 1920 as amended by the laws of 1929, which had provided the framework for the First Austrian Republic, and was reintroduced in 1945.

Map Of Europe Austria Map Of Galicia Austria

The country remained occupied by four allies: the Soviet Union, the United States, Britain and France. The map below shows which region of the country was governed by which power.


The country was in terrible economic shape. Heavy Industry and banking were nationalized in 1946. There were food shortages and an uncontrolled black market. The survival of Austria was only possible due to aid from the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration and aid from the United States under the Marshall Plan which began in 1948.

In 1955 the Austrian State Treaty was signed by representatives of the four Allied powers that occupied Austria: the Soviet Union, the United States, Britain and France. This treaty reestablished Austria as a sovereign, independent republic. The occupying troops left Austria.

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