How to Travel in LAS VEGAS


Making me take off my fresh kicks all right.

So I cleared security. I had to go through the peasant line. Because I don’t have Nexus my car my mom, and my brother do you have Nexus.

So they left me behind embarrassing. But my camera way. I don’t know.

If I’m on record all aboard here is our plane heading to Vegas we arrive in about two, and a half hours. So it’s really sharp light let’s see you guys in Vegas thank you first thing you see we jump in the airport we got our stuff, and we’re gonna go pick up our car. So I just checked my phone after getting off the plane.

And I got an email from Royal Caribbean cruises. And So they actually invited me to go on a cruise in the next two months. I’m fully booked for the next two months.

So obviously it’s not a possibility. But pretty exciting stuff. And I’m definitely opening the conversation to future collaborations yeah.

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I would say no to a cruise this is where you come with your private jet. I guess when you don’t have time for the airport anning incredible right in a picture what Americans all shoot a 50 caliber eating some burgers. So in Vegas it’s totally legal to drink on the street.

And So you can help yourself to what looks like honestly. I’ve known you looks like a fancy way of drinking so. We’ve checked into our place here, and we’re staying in a place called club du Soleil it sounds really cheesy.

But it’s actually pretty nice we have two bedrooms. So staying in there with my little brother how cozy this is my mom’s room there’s two bathrooms you get the point it’s pretty good we’re gonna go get some groceries cuz we’re here for a week, and yeah going Albert’s is just to get some groceries it’s got your essential nutrients for the day cheese balls. So unlike in Canada in the u.

S. they sell beer in the grocery store which is actually. So conveniently in Canada you have to go to a liquor store to get liquor.

Because they actually separate them it’s illegal for any business to sell alcohol other than a dedicated liquor store, and bars, and restaurants obviously. But it’s pretty unfortunate, and makes life a little bit harder. I literally lost my mom in the grocery store.

And I can hear her yelling my name mom mom where are you super windy day with tiny bit of rain. So we’re inside the Mirage, and right behind the concierge there’s a massive fish tank, and that’s a small fish tank compared to their bigger ones on the City of Lights yeah everyone was waiting for a giant volcano to go off. But it’s too windy.

So it never went off, and yeah people are very disappointed there’s still like hundreds of people waiting along all the waterfall waiting for that thing to it’s supposed to be a volcano well like. I said those red lights mean it’s way too may need to blow on the fire cuz. I guess it lights up the fire.

So safety hazard cannot be used just Treasure Island. And I guess ivory now, and again they have a show here. And I don’t really know.

I’m sure we’ll see it at some point we’re here for seven days we’re continuing our tour of Vegas, and this is the entrance to the wind looks very high-end oh yeah this is beautiful now you can pay twenty thousand dollars to have basically a refurbished Nokia this one has alligator leather on the bottom of it you just finished then get on it your profile picture Oh other flowers, and our last hotel of the tour for today we’re going to decide the Palazzo very cool. So this is the iconic canal that runs through the Palazzo, and you can actually get on these little gondolas, and, I’ll give you a ride it’s actually pretty convincing. So it’s like nighttime outside but.

I feel like it’s a time that looks. So good like a kebab with chocolate or fruits this is huge we just had a really delicious Italian meal. And I’m stuck.

I got spaghetti, and meatballs, and we got ton of bread. I’m so so cool we’re going back to our place now, and that will be the end of the night tomorrow we’re gonna go on a hike somewhere.

And I think we’re eyes are going to go to the Hoover Dam or maybe the Grand Canyon but I think we’ll do the Grand Canyon later. So you will see, I’ll keep you guys on your toes.

And I won’t even tell you what we’re gonna do until tomorrow. So we just went into the Mirage, and inside the Mirage is the OneNote Club which is like a really well known Club. And I actually went talked to the manager, and asked him if.

I could come, and check it out tomorrow. So he said, I’ll take care of me now. I just need to find someone to go to the club with.

Because I don’t really want to go alone. So I’m gonna figure out how to find a club friend for tomorrow, and also. I was standing just inside the Mirage.

And I heard a guy on his phone he’s like yeah man. I just thought Khloe Kardashian with her her hands were just crossed she was just sitting outside. I’m like blah blah.

And I guess the at Khloe’s here for like a fan signing. I don’t know. So she’s coming back in.

But we’re leaving now cool with some point we should get a few big shot yes.

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