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Anders Glaser Wills, Capital House, 1 Houndwell PI., Southampton, S014 1HU (®023 8022 3511; An international job placement agency with 11 offices in Britain.

Fruitful Ltd., Unit 3 Ind. Est., Honeybourne, Evesham, Worcester, WR117QF (^01386 83255; Sets up farm work for backpackers and students in the UK; online application available.


Working Ireland, 26 Eustace St., Templebar, Dublin 2 (®01 677 0300; www.workin- Multi-tasking agency arranges accommodations and job placement throughout the country. They also help you collect tax refunds and arrange travel home.


If you’re planning to spend a substantial amount of time (more than three months) working in Europe, search for a job well in advance. International placement agen cies are often the easiest way to find employment abroad, especially for teaching English. Internships, usually for college students, are a good way to segue into working abroad, although they are often unpaid or poorly paid (many say the experience, however, is well worth it). Be wary of advertisements or companies that claim the ability to get you a job abroad for a fee often times the listings are out of date, or available online or in newspapers. It’s best, if going through an orga nization, to use one that’s reputable.

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