Travel to Berlin

Jonas Jungblut
I am a: photographer.
My Hometown: Berlin, Germany, but living in Santa Barbara, CA
What I ate for breakfast today: Smoothie: Banana, berries, Matcha green tea, garlic; then cereal and milk
My favorite place I ever visited in the world: There are some that stood out over the years: Vancouver, Jumby Bay (Antigua), San Miguel de Allende (Mexico),
Tofino (British Columbia), Buzios (Brazil), Culebra.
The one food I absolutely do not eat: I was served frog in Thailand, and while I did nibble on a tiny piece I am pretty positive it was my last!
How I like to live Naturally:
I live in a remodeled barn; riding bicycles up mountains; surfing; beach camping with the kids.
One thing I can do better to live Naturally: Drive cars less. I need an electric motorcycle with a sidecar to put the kids in!

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