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Spirit of Melbourne Dinner Cruise

Tonight I’m hopping on the Spirit of Melbourne floating restaurant to cruise along the Yarra River and take in the sights of this beautiful city. Table three, please. Ah, delicious. I’ve ordered the salmon. Talk about presentation. Not only is the food delicious, but it’s an open bar all night long. Let’s check out the view from up here. I love passing under these bridges because they reflect so nicely in the water, surrounded by the skyline. I think that the fact that like you’re able to come in and out in between courses and stuff is very cool. Yeah, sure we have a great time, really. Now it’s time for dessert, the final course of this delicious meal. Everything has tasted so good, and it’s been great that we could enjoy it with these floor-to-ceiling windows, so our view is What an evening this has been, cruising along the Yarra River. But now we’ve come back here to where we started surrounded by the beautifully lit up buildings of Melbourne.

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Sports Lovers Tours of Melbourne

Melbourne is crazy about its sports, and today we’re gonna get a behind-the-scenes look at Melbourne’s major sporting venues, kicking it off here at the Flemington Racecourse. I can only imagine how exciting it is on race day: you have the horses on one side, barreling down the track, and then you have 100,000 spectators on the other just going wild. The highlight of my day had to have been the MCG. Just the size of it; the way the tour is conducted was just great. I think that’s it. After you walk around the stadium, you have some time to check out Australia’s National Sports Museum, which has all kinds of sports memorabilia. What’s cool is this museum is interactive, so you get to try some of the sports. People love this tour because it gives them an opportunity to see behind the scenes of all the great sporting facilities that we have, whilst doing it in a small group environment, which is really quite personal. We could not have picked a better spot for lunch. We’re here at the Etihad Stadium, and I have the most perfect view of the field. And now for our final stop: the Rod Laver Arena, home to the Australian Open. This is the Walk of Champions; this is where the players walk to the court. The Rod Laver Stadium is home to the Australian Open, and holds 15,000 fans. Whether you’re a sports fanatic or a rookie like me, this has been such a great initiation to the exciting world of Aussie sports.

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