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• Scheduling – in hotels almost all aspects of things to do and use are received or carried out according to a schedule like meal times, use of fitness amenities, housekeeping etc. Whereas in a vacation home you can choose to make your home a cruise ship and have ten meals a day or eat as and when you please. You have unlimited access to the pantry, cupboards and fridge. Also if you cannot sleep and feel like swimming or running a mile on the treadmill at two o’clock in the morning it is all up to you.

• Bring along Bingo – while some hotels do provide for pets, these a very few and rarely will they allow for the pet to sleep in the same room as its owner(s). Most hotels that do have a pet room, charge an extra cost for that and some of the pet rooms are in less desirable parts of the building. While holiday homes are home for you and your pet. While searching for holiday letting website note that you have a pet and it will give you a large number of vacation rentals that allow for our fury friends to come on vacation too.

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• Home Sweet Home – Vacation homes are just that, they are homes. They come with the most expected things that ought to come with a home – full sized appliances, dishes, games, books, laundry facilities etc. These amenities make us feel at home away from home and make for a comfortable stay for the whole family.

• The little things count – hotels are not mostly designed to accommodate families or a group of friends traveling together, however, vacation homes provide just that. All one needs to do is cater rooms for those who sleep separately and search for the number of bedrooms required.

• Vacation homes also offer more than just a good view, they offer access opportunities that are either paid for or not available at hotels. Like a chance to stay in an eighteenth century villa overlooking a vineyard, a beach house on a private beach, a cottage with a stream running through the backyard.

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