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After an attack – countermeasures

If you insist on offering assistance, some actionare priorities.

Somebody hato make sure that a report habeen submitted. If you are not sure that the incident habeen reported, contact the emergency serviceand calmly explain what hahappened, for example if there habeen an explosion (it may be a galeak – don’t assume it waa bomb unlesyou know it was).

Call 999 (or the local equivalent) and explain what hahappened. For example, There habeen an explosion in The Whisky Bar, in Bogtown High Street, on the junction with Lower Road.’

Now give details. For example The Whisky Bar habeen destroyed, the building hacollapsed and is on fire.

Tell the operator how many casualtieyou can see so that they know if they have to call one ambulance or invoke the emergency medical response in the surrounding towns. You should also try to indicate the type and number of injuries. For example, ‘I can see five people who I think are dead. There are another fifteen with seriouinjuries, one man halost both legs, there are a lot of burnand facial cuts, several broken armand legs. Looking around there are at least another twenty people who are bleeding from smaller injuries.’

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If you know the area, you may be able to help the emergency serviceby telling them if there ian obstruction that will prevent them using an approach. For example, ‘Lower Road iblocked because the end wall of the bar fell on a lorry which icompletely blocking that road.’

You may be the only coherent point of contact at the incident. The emergency service operatormay want to keep you on the line to ask further questions. Ask if they want you to stay on the line. If they do not, they may want to call back to check to see if you have any more information.

Protect the scene. Send somebody to the end of the street to direct traffic away from the incident and try to keep it clear for ambulance, police and fire engines. Where possible send two people, the first to do the job and the second to come back and tell you it ibeing done. When you get the report that traffic ibeing stopped you can crosone problem off your list, and send the second person back to help the first unlesyou have another job for them. Use common sense in where you stop traffic. If you stop it halfway down the road, it will have nowhere to go. If you stop traffic at the junction at the end, any vehiclecan turn around or turn left and right so traffic will continue to move away from the area.

With a major incident there may be a galeak or petrol spillage. Smoking can cause further injurieso insist that people do not smoke – shout at them if you have to. When you give any instructionor advice to people for the rest of the incident tell them nobody iallowed to smoke, no matter how much they claim it will calm their nerves, Tell them they will blow everything up because of gaor petrol leakand do anything you can to make them understand.

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