Affordable Cities to Visit in Europe

affordable cities to visit in europe 7

We’re looking at European vacation options that are modestly priced and very well worth a visit.

10 Bratislava, Slovakia – Map of Bratislava, Slovakia

affordable cities to visit in europe

3D Render of a Slovakian Flag Pin at the Position of the City of Bratislava on a Map of Slovakia. Vintage Color Style. Very high resolution available!

Bratislava is one of the most cost effective capital cities in all of Europe, while the average midrange price per day is approximately $70.00. You can get by with as little as 30 if you play your cards right. Wine and beer are particularly affordable with a bottle of the latter costing as little as $1.70. However, you’ll also find that experiencing Bratislava’s rich history and culture is equally affordable. Many of the attractions are modestly priced. Then some such as Old Town and the Blue Church are free to enjoy.

9 Dubrovnik, Croatia – Map of Dubrovnik, Croatia

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Dubrovnik makes it easy to experience the beauty of the Adriatic on a budget. The city’s popularity among tourists has been growing steadily for years, bolstered by affordable accommodations. And yes, the presence of a certain HBO fantasy show, renowned for its Terra cotta rooftops and impressive fortifications, Dubrovnik is a city that deserves to be admired from multiple angles. Thankfully, spending the night can cost you as little as $11.00, while a trip to Sponza Palace will only set you back $3 or to the wise. While the Old Town is by far the city’s most popular area. It can be quite pricey, so when searching for a place to stay or a bite to eat, you’re better off heading elsewhere.

8 Tallinn, Estonia – Map of Tallinn, Estonia

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This lesser known northern European city was listed by Forbes as one of the cheapest places to visit in 2022 for good reason long subjugated to the harsh rule of the Soviet Union. Talent has been infused with new life since breaking free from the empires grip in the early 90s, a digitally advanced city on the Rise, Talon will surprise you with its colorful architecture and an excellent selection of restaurants for a truly authentic meal, head to old honda which still uses recipes from the 15th century. However, for someplace a little cheaper, check out the telescope creative city, a former industrial complex, it’s now home to talons hipster population, complete with restaurants, shops, theaters and a flea market.

7 Saint Petersburg, Russia – Map of Saint Petersburg, Russia

affordable cities to visit in europe

With budget travelers getting by on as little as $26 a day, Saint Petersburg is quickly becoming one of Europe’s go to cities for money wise tourists. It’s clear that from the accommodations $16.00 a night to the water bottles $0.30 each. The world’s northernmost metropolis is also one of its cheapest. It’s also one of the most beautiful cities on Earth with a brilliant mixture of European and Russian inspired architecture. Of course, no trip to Saint Petersburg. Complete without a trip to the Hermitage Museum, the second largest in the world. Tickets cost $18.00 but students get in for free, so don’t forget to bring your ID with you. Enjoying Saint Pete is as easy as Downing a bowl of borscht with a shot of vodka.

6 Krakow, Poland Eastern Europe – Map of Krakow, Poland Eastern Europe

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Is famous for its low prices in Krakow is 1 city, where you’re guaranteed to get a bang for your buck. Poland’s second largest city can be enjoyed for under $30 a day, as accommodations, food, and transportation are all relatively inexpensive. This means more money for activities of which Krakow has plenty to see. Attractions include Val Castle, Andrew Net, Guvna, the largest Market Square in all of Europe. Once you grow tired of the old. Why not try something new? Krakow is home to a bustling nightlife and with a pint of beer costing under $2.00, you can let loose stress free if you’re still clamoring for more Polish culture when you’re done, be sure to check out Woods, which is equally inexpensive.

5 Athens, Greece – Map of Athens, Greece

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Lonely Planet describes Athens as a quote, a heady mix of history and edginess, and we’re inclined to agree. However, we might also add that both come at a relatively low cost, a visit to the Greek capital in 2022 will allow you to stretch your dollar to a wallet pleasing degree, while the average daily cost is slightly higher than our previous entries. Finding a delicious plate of fresh seafood and a glass of ouzo will not break the bank, overflowing with thousands of years of history, Athens is dotted with a slew of iconic sites. With some of the highlights including the Acropolis and the nearly 2500 year old Parthenon that sits atop it, visit both and much more for just $33.

4 Rome İtaly – Map of Rome İtaly

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A slice of little civita is well within your grasp, despite its status as one of the European Union’s most crowded cities. Romans managed to remain one of its most cost effective; many of its sites, such as the Spanish steps, are free to enjoy, while others, such as the Colosseum and the Vatican, are reasonably priced well. Its average daily cost of $54.00 for budget travelers might seem high. Rome is still $12.00 less per day than Paris and $16.00 less than London, its iconic peers. Once you’re done with Rome, be sure to check out Florence, yet another relatively affordable alternative to the exorbitant costs of many of Europe’s other major cities.

3 Lisbon, Portugal – Map of Lisbon, Portugal

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From Lagos to Porto. Portugal is one of Europe’s most cost effective countries, leading the way as the capital of Lisbon, which is situated on the Atlantic Coast and lies at the foot of seven picturesque hills. It is an easy city to have fun in, with local bars charging low prices for wine and beer and open container laws, allowing visitors to drink in public spaces. One of its most attractive draws is the leash ball card. By purchasing the card you’re entitled to free public transportation. Free entry to the city’s best museums and free travel to neighboring resort towns. Intra a place you need to see to believe that just $22.00 a pop. It’s easy to see why Lisbon is trending up as one of 2022 cheapest cities to visit.

2 Budapest, Hungary – Map of Budapest, Hungary

affordable cities to visit in europe 7

When it comes to a city as breathtaking as this one, low costs are basically a bonus. After all, you don’t earn a nickname like the Pearl of the Danube for nothing, while midrange travelers can expect to spend about $90.00 a day. It’s possible to visit Budapest for a third of that price, famous for its thermal spas. Hearty street food and buzzing nightlife. Budapest has something for every tourist’s unique tastes. But at a price that won’t make your head spin while a day soaking at the rush baths will cost you between 12:00 and $14.00. You can just as easily embark on a free walking tour here, a wallet and your eyes will thank you. Before we unveil our.

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