We survived through the night it was like crazy thunderstorms last night lightning was like coming through the windows.

So guys we woke up. I didn’t actually hear a Bajaj that sounded like a human coming in the door you’re like a two-foot lizard above our bed walking along the rafters for little zoo it’s a jungle yeah alright guys. We’ve arrived at the gala Lana lemon together kigali la la la bella la la this is one of the more iconic on rice terraces here in bali, and it’s very different from a lot of them.

Because it’s so inclined like a lot of rice terraces are stacked. But they’re not stacked.

So quickly. And So it’s pretty dramatic looking what are you selling postcards oh how old are you 3 3 7 107 7 years old you guys are going hard. So there are like all these fishermen out here.

And I asked if it was like a job or if it was just for fun notice Sunday. So basically all the men head down to the lake, and they’re the throne in the line trying to catch some food today dude what why is the chicken in the water all day bathe chickens. I don’t know they did that.

So good first hand exclusive footage of chickens bathing here in the lake hover chicken look at them he just like floats alright guys that’s the end of the blog thanks for reading. I’m glad you were able to see the floating chickens, and let’s go lost against one alright guys this is the ride. I like this like the students in traditional Russia’s Weibo we’re reading out for the environment right now we go paddle only it’s gonna take us a while to get there.


But this is crazy we’re not in a rush to get anywhere. So cool it’s like literally when we go to like Paris we’re not going to Paris the Eiffel Tower only to see the catacombs yeah that’s how we like to roll. And So what there’s little baby fish that grow up in there they turn into the dolt fish, and then you eat them Josh.

So how many people have done this tour before now. I want to have to have everyone that who wants to see who really want to see it yeah we can respect not something really uh well normal that people do. So yeah starting to bury the water place the dead like this thirteen hundred years ago.

So they have this very nice smell of death a Romanian tree which is we will see pretty sure where’s the tree this tree right here don’t tip the boat guys oh yeah everyone’s get excited for the street that one’s thinking out there this is crazy LAN Hawaii well. I think all right guys. So we have arrived on a part of the island here that is only accessible by that boat we just took, and like.

I just heard some of the craziest history that. I’ve ever heard my entire life look at this dock it has seen better days then one of those things you build it it’s like good enough alright guys. I’ve been playing up this blog.

Because it’s definitely a different one it’s a really exciting one today we are in basically when the least touristy places here in Bali we just started off by taking a paddle boat from the oldest village in Bali they literally got electricity four years ago still a very traditional village, and we paddled about 20 minutes down to here poured it right there this tree right there is the only specimen of its kind in the entire world as. We’ve been told by our guide that in itself is crazy. But the craziest thing is that this tree actually emits a very pleasant smell.

So about thirteen hundred years ago the king here at the time was concerned that if other people started smelling how good the tree smelled that there would be basically people trying to steal this land from him, and steal the tree from him. And So his solution to this was actually to bury the dead above the ground. So that the bad odors of the decomposing flesh would actually counteract the great smelling tree this was pretty much his way of preventing any challengers from coming in, and trying to take his tree that one right there.

So are you from here is this your village this is my village. And So look guys there’s right there two skulls. So these are of course people who have been buried above-ground, and fully decomposed, and you said what the oldest is 1300 years old the oldest body is seen they started to not bury the dead thirteen hundred years ago is when it started.

And So are people still buried above-ground here, and the most recent it’s an 8 month old eight months old guys there’s monkeys behind you Wow this is. So cool guys there’s bodies in here are they covered with paper. So wrongs yes monkeys are freaking out up there it looks like it’s already decomposed it’s all it’s a little bigger.

But you can see the stomach isn’t flat yet, and this is basically set up as a monkey barrier they don’t want any the animals coming, and trying to eat away at the people down here we have three different symmetries yeah yeah it’s only for people who died natural people you know there’s no one in there buddy. I have to be married. So that’s the condition that they can be placed in right, and if you’re not married even you died naturally yeah he plays another place oh, and then if you died.

Because of suicide or he’ll be another place Canada yeah. I’m gonna try this this has been a really cool day definitely a smaller cemetery than. I had expected.

But just to be able to have heard the history, and just experience being here like that in itself has been absolutely incredible right now. I’m in the side of a mountain there’s no one here except for the locals is definitely like a really cool vibe of being here, and right behind me there that’s mounted by tour which is actually a active volcano it erupted five times over the past 100 years hopefully today’s not the day what kind of fish is that Hey yeah yeah oh you got away got another one no road access is there electricity here oh well we just got an existing especially behind this hill is about four years ago when I do love we don’t have any television now that you’re a noob oh do do you watch TV, and stuff yes you like you like TV yeah all right guys we’re leaving the cemetery unbelievable one of those really cool hidden gems in Bali.

I recommend it if you’re into seeing kind of like a unique side Bali a different offering that most people would get this is it come check it out, and our new friend hey, I’ll do some bottoms. I’m hauling yeah haul it all day pollen represent peace up a-town Cody you got your entourage keep in mind this is the same village that only just got electricity four years ago. So you can imagine the Tia drone it’s a shock everyone has the biggest smiles on their faces one of my favorite blogs of all time was when.

I was in the Philippines. And I had this experience of taking off my drone, and within about 20 seconds having all the local kids come out, and check it out. Because they were.

So fascinated by the technology they’d never seen just kind of like a flashback to that. I’ve actually found parts of Bali to be quite similar to the Philippines, and if you guys haven’t already seen those blogs you should definitely check them out. So I just saw one of the local eating ice cream.

I was like where did you buy it she’s taking me ice cream look good both of us instantly grabbed our cameras. Because this is the moment of truth cross your fingers we have come to Cinnabon will we get a yeah we upload our posts in mind there it is cinnamon apparently it has some of the best uploading speeds in all of would. I have missed this.

We’ve been in a really good coffee shop with amazing internet, and like the good internet can be very challenging as. I’m compelled Eastasia just feels good filled up. I wasn’t able to fully upload my post while we were at the coffee shop the internet was blazing fast.

I literally had another four minutes remaining to get like 50% of my post uploaded, and in that last like basically four minutes the coffee shop was like totally closed, and like sorry you have to get out. So I got out, and they cut off their internet. So now.

I’m hot spotting myself on Abby’s phone not nearly as quick. But it’s working. I’m finally feeling better.

I didn’t really talk about it too much today guys but. I’ve been fighting a terrible bug yesterday. I had one of the worst fevers.

I’ve ever had, and for two days now. I’ve just been very very ill. I’m feeling much much better stoked on that think by tomorrow, I’ll probably be back to 100%, and yeah as always guys check out everyone here their stuffs gonna be linked down below it’s a cool opportunity to see a different angle on the things we did today, and it was actually Josh’s research exploring with Joshua’s through his research that we found out about this tour today.

So yeah guys have a good night let’s get lost again tomorrow lot fun of the day yay we like.

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