We are currently meeting up with Tanya Tanya is the person we met on. I think it was our second day here in Panama she graciously showed us to the Panama Canal. I think we’re going to a beach about two hours outside of Panama City hola.

So straight ahead there is an Kahn hill, and Blake. And I hike to the top of that place is a flag right there you can see it’s a massive Panamanian flag, and where are we going we’re going to the beach we’re heading to Santa Clara. And So I got one hour, and four minutes of it the sea games that’s gonna take like two, and a half hours a week you may guess cruises the bud circle pilot.

We’ve decided to do something super low really authentic Panama. So we’re going to take you that right now. Because we really it’s lit all right we have arrived here in Santa Clara took us about an hour, and 45 Miskin here Sundance no parking look oh is it full how you say busienss español muy yeah well.


I’m only on Kapow guys this here is Santa Clara it’s extremely hot today as he sees my fazil he means everything you see here back in 1983 mafourdi colonies first to the area he built it one little Chalet at the time with his bare hands, and he even grabbed the sand each today we are going to get absolutely toasted almonds toasted. I learned that at Subway hey she just told me that Oh Stella doesn’t mean toasted. I don’t know what – Stella means it’s not any Spanish work they said it at Subway yeah but.

I think you’re here in black. I mean. So Sala oh no no they said Costello it’s been a Spanish lesson with the actual Spanish guru lost your uncle aqua Blanc in Spanish has lost her hero Yemeni dad hey welcome our today’s episode of Lost be real look at this guy’s they came coordinated Wow let’s not go Betty, and can you do this every like time of the year we’re at the beach of my last day yeah Abby leaves tomorrow morning.

I got like a half day longer than her. But leaving tomorrow as well. And I think we might be meeting a local photographer tomorrow who will show us around Panama City really glad to be on the beach right now.

I wanted another day of this one another we go. So Abby just asked if she can put her thumb in my phone, and she used to have it but I guess why’s it not there anymore.

I don’t know anyways. I told her that the only way she can have it is if she makes it her toe that way the only time she can get into my phone is an emergency she has to take off her shoe her sock none of that convenient looking for might now. I’m just kidding no seen you out right now everyone’s being evacuated from the water.

I don’t know why. I’m going to go ahead, and speculate it’s a massive shark now these poor guys down here don’t even know yeah they’re both beat this is practically a scene out of Baywatch guys oh my gosh he said there’s a massive 18-foot squid it’s eating people Run For Your Lives you’re all doomed it’s too late there’s a squid massive squid. I had your kids hide your wife guys today has been real chill.

We’ve just been hanging out here on the beach, and the Sun has started setting but I think ran out how has your day been. So it looks like a scene straight out of Need for Speed everyone’s got their like aftermarket like souped-up cars they’re about to leave the beach had a couple services, and they’re ready to race all right we are getting some dinner Abby wants to put her thumb in here but.

I’m not gonna let her put her thumb she just put her toe in. So let’s try the let’s try the fingerprint reader on her toe all right. So we’re gonna add a fingerprint.

But the thing about this finger is that it’s located on a foot you’re so weird kitchen first up that’s not easy it’s working okay here let me spare myself no you have to keep the same toe. I know Kazuma your mama’s finger yeah.

I definitely know Christian has a foot fetish yeah he’s first off something with her food, and this is awesome. So you’ll get it he understands stop tears you glad they’re inside oh. We’ve come to the food.

So I grab under just your grip blur adjust your grip that’s good no but I just look at it smaller right now the moment of truth the phone is locked. I’m gonna show you it’s locked says press home to unlock okay that’s the Dada Dada Dada Dada why it’s not working that is your only way it against my phone muscle food it’s really good trims the best Christian has left we know we’re going nowhere what army balls we are leaving Santa Clara, and we’re going back to Panama City.

I am now your pilot, and the reason being. Because why am I driving because. I’m really tired because.

I’m always driving. So this time is Christian’s opportunity to show me that he’s a good driver, and Abby what would you say about my driving skills he’s a good driver the best well get lost in traffic Oh not that’s who this is pistol upward slope at what is this a slow food restaurant firm for snails what do you want we’re a small coffee don’t go fabrication you know does my floor no no Peter, and others beginning from a stubborn exact a one-paragraph okay that’s better gracias Hey we have been in that car for four, and a half hours roughly maybe it’s four hours the worst traffic it was. So bad there was like five accidents on the way here going from santa clara beach all the way back into Panama City it’s been long we were planning on going out.

But it just doesn’t really make sense anymore. Because laura has a flight to catch she’s got to be up at like 5:00 maybe 6:00 in the morning, and it’s already like midnight. So plans change we need to adapt thank you.

So much for meeting up with us again. I’m glad you’re willing to take take our nonsense did you film us together how was your time in Panama min is it really good it’s been very short. I feel like.

I haven’t been here for that wall at all it’s been six days. But for me it’s a good. I am like.

I’m not ready to go home. I say like definitely pick up seat Panama City. I would have liked to Bocas del Toro.

I’ve been nice yeah. But that’s for another trip. So will that want to be back mmm, and sign it out.

And I’m a six-hour layover, and then. I go from Houston make ubers looks like it’s not too bad on flight look at my hair goals Beach goals that has been our final full day in Panama Blake. And I still have another half day.

But Abby leaves first thing tomorrow morning, and it has been an unbelievable trip. I constantly preached checking out Southeast Asia but I have had an equally good time maybe even better at some points here in Panama than in Southeast Asia, and this time of the year January the weather is unbeatable it’s just like it’s hot without being humid, and you could be outside all day, and not be like sweaty or exhausted.

I just love this place. I’m so blown away that.

I actually fell in love with it in place it’s worth traveling out of your way to come check out. But definitely for people like myself where it’s actually almost it’s a little closer than going to Asia it’s definitely something to consider, and if you’re in the United States in the self it’s very close for you. So highly recommend it it’s been an awesome time.

But it’s time to go to bed, and get ready for tomorrow. So guys leave the post big thumbs up hit subscribe if you’re new to the blog, and let’s get lost again tomorrow um oh the day.

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