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Sydney Harbour Hop-On Hop-Off Cruise

This post we’re taking to the water on the Hop-On Hop-Off boat cruise to see some of Sydney’s best, let’s go. Sydney Harbor is home to so many of the city’s attractions. We’ve just arrived at Darling Harbor, let’s hope off and look around. Considered to be the entertainment and tourist hub Darling Harbor is filled with restaurants, bars and museums. On to the next stop. The birthplace and heart of the city, Circular Quay is where settlers first landed in Australia in 1788. With it’s white-tiled sails, the Sydney Opera House is one of the most recognizable landmarks in the world. Sydney Harbor Bridge is an iconic landmark in Sydney. We’re going under the bridge! This is gonna be a really fun stop, we’ve just arrived at Taronga Zoo. Just chillin with the emus, walkin’ around the zoo. What’s so special about the Wild Australia Experience is that you can actually feed the animals along the way. Is that a nice little snack? The city’s so famous for it’s harbor. This has been the perfect way to get around.

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Sydney Opera House Guided Walking Tour – Australia

This post I’m checking out the most recognizable sails in the world. I’m going behind the scenes of the Sydney Opera House. Wow, look at that. Before we head into the opera house, I’m gonna try a tasting plate, which gives you all sorts of things from the opera kitchen, mmm. As much as the opera house is a landmark, it also is a performance theater and has over 2,500 performances every year. The design of the Sydney Opera House was done by architect Jorn Utzon, but there’s a sad part to the story. Utzon never saw the completed opera house. Foyer with a view. As you stand waiting for your show to begin you have this miraculous view of the Sydney Harbour and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. We’ve just come to the main concert hall, the shining star inside the Sydney Opera House. it’s neat looking around and seeing all the different special designs that make this place so wonderful for listening to music and seeing performances. I’ve always admired the beauty of the Sydney Opera House, but now, having gone inside, and learned about the history and the design of this place, I have so much more appreciation for this Sydney masterpiece.

Sydney Tower Restaurant Buffet

Tonight is going to be quite the treat. I’m gonna enjoy dinner from up above the city at the Sydney Tower. Up we go. God, we’re going so high up my ears are popping. Wow, the view is unbelievable. The sunset is gorgeous. There is so much to choose from. Seafood and vegetables and chicken and beef and foods of all different varieties. I think I’m gonna have to try a little bit of everything. The restaurant is a revolving restaurant, so as you sit and enjoy your meal the view is constantly changing. I’ve seen Darling Harbour, Circular Quay, the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Every time I go to take a bite and look back up, it’s a whole new view. OK, time for dessert. Chocolate mousse, lemon tart, pavlova, tapioca pudding. Good thing I have a sweet tooth. Dinner up here at the Sydney Tower has been magnificent. The views have been breathtaking and unbeatable. Now the only thing left is to enjoy dessert, a sweet end to the night.

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