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That’s where I put the cockroach last night ugly morning this is Benjy Benjy drove me yesterday on the tricycle, and he’s brought me a scooter that will be renting for at least a day maybe two. I would like to introduce you to the ride for the next couple of days reunited, and it feels.

So good day two at SF Cantina, and we just ordered breakfast right to the room American breakfast got that mango egg ham bread, and coffee also worth noting is that today is actually the election in the Philippines that’s actually partially why we’re up in the North right now the Filipino elections in the past have been known to be a bit rambunctious in some places violent. But for the most part not too bad. But regardless we didn’t want to be anywhere near big city.

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And So we are in laid-back Bonte on. And I could not be more excited to go check out this island it looks stunning there’s been a massacre where’s the father oh my gosh there’s so many of them it’s a family it’s snack time how insensitive breastfeeding in public how dare you oh my gosh chill guys meat scoopy meet Abby this might feel like the good old GoPro days this is like straight up a movie we offer you a combination you guys stick up you jump in there oh cool think.

I might do it – looks like nice to thicken laughs slo-mo time to get the gh4 out strong, and healthy we spend a good hour here at whatever the heck this is actually. I don’t think this is like one of the tour spots we were told to go to. But we stumbled on it, and we loved it hello everyone’s just here hanging out like all the locals who were talking to them we met this one guy he’s like he’s 14 years old he’s like.

I am strong healthy boy very healthy. I eat lots of good food, and he was really talking he asked my name, and every second he was like all the local boys yelling Lord’s name yeah let’s put some water on the seat. Because the seat is.

So hot back on scoopy go to the next destination exactly what. I was looking for lots of see lots to do, and almost no tourists which is amazing Ponte on it’s been my highlight of my trip. So far.

And I’ve been here for one day that’s all goodbye most rational people would pass something like this, and they say wow that was beautiful me. I’m like okay stop the bike let’s get the camera out, and let’s take some photos. I’ve actually been asked once in an interview.

I was on a Huffington Post live. I don’t remember why it’s nothing to do with my elephant selfie which went viral a long time ago anyways they asked me do you enjoy things less in the moment. Because you’re constantly capturing with your camera, and the answer is probably.

I probably do enjoy things a bit less in the moment. But what. I get enjoyment from is actually the post process.

I love editing like he gets enjoy. So I ignore her what. I’m trying to say I actually enjoy the process of editing afterwards. I love to be able to look back on old memories to be able to have posts that kind of remind me of the things. I’ve done like that for me is just as enjoyable as being in the moment back on Skippy let’s go.

So unless. I’m wrong, and you guys can correct me in the comments. And I know you will those are the mangroves in Thailand they had them – they’re like plants that kind of grow in shallow water yeah that’s them oh my god hi hi there you carry it buddy gosh you’re social oh oh oh my gosh.

I’ve never pet a goat before Abby he’s like a dog lucky for you you guys don’t taste very good nobody eats you guys. I’m a father hey Gary that’s my neck look now he’s chewing officials this one does not care about Abby. I’m sorry look better could try again yeah.

I’m gonna get a nice portrait of you that’s still Gary turn. I see your balls Gary important oh my gosh. I showed the lady the photos.

I took of her goats, and she all she could think of it like thank you. But she’s like why the heck would someone want to take photos of go. But honest it’s beautiful.

But it is a beautiful photo. I guess they have a mangrove Park, and that’s it absolutely no free guessing she’s the one enforcing the feet hello setting up the drone getting ready to fly through the mangroves it was really cool talk to the staff work here pretty much every day. And So for me to bring in a drone, and show them the mangrove from above everyone was really excited.

So it’s really cool to share that with them is that all for us oh my gosh we’re gonna be full for the next three days yeah really good very mangrove ewwww well guys. We’ve gotten the best of the mangroves, and now we’re got the best of us they did we are out front of a retail store they’re blasting the beach it’s awesome since driving around bouncing on today. I passed at least eight basketball courts most of them are in use by kids it’s really fun a lot of community here.

So we’re just catching the last few minutes of Sun we’re going to get the drone up it’s a Santa Fe each their prized Beach is what. I’m led to believe the okay. So there’s a bunch of birds over there that are not not being at the drone is flying here they’re not actors they’re dive-bombing on my drug but.

I don’t want to kill a bear no all right guys we had a very successful flight. But we. I mean Christian.

And I got an Instagram photo of the trees palm trees back there just got back that’s f kin Tina took shower gonna grab a beer, and we’re actually going out for dinner with a guy Bevan Inman ed, and we met him on the ferry over here in shock. So the clients good it is the tricycle ready it is ready our friend dad is up ahead well the elections are today which means no alcohol can be served in all of the Philippines hence this is closed, and this little girl is killing it over here unlovable another one little bit of my son. So not too much shorter three boxes soda water no you take it away we just left dinner hilarious dinners.

So I we were with his absolutely hilarious he’s like probably like my dad or like a bit older than my dad, and he’s British, and he’s so so funny stuff like everything that’s on his money says it, and yeah. But in a very like funny way he kept us very much entertained for two hours we had a bottle of wine had a good dinner, and that’s the end of our night one of the funniest things our dinner date set up at dinner as he looked at Abby, and we had told her that Abby has a fashion blog he’s like you can’t possibly have a fashion why like you don’t look very fashionable, and they looked her up, and down it’s like yeah.

And I was started giving her some advice on what she’s gonna bring any of my nice clothes like in these leg it was really funny now we’re back at SF Cantina we’re staying here one more night, and tomorrow we’re gonna be exploring all Avanti own. I’m struggling really hard for it right now to blog like. I’m just tired.

And I’m not making any sense what. I’m trying to say is let’s get lost get our. I just look like.

I look like. I went just can’t even talk. I look like.

I just went through a wind tunnel my hair’s wacky Jackie totally Laffy Taffy having at you guys let’s get lost in tomorrow. Because nothing else, I’ll say is worth saying go threesies where is oh god he’s going oh my heart is racing.

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