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Sydney – Lunch at Cottage Point Inn by Seaplane

This post I’m headed just outside of Sydney for a getaway lunch at Cottage Point Inn. And how am I going to get there? I’m getting picked up by a personal sea plane. I have never been in a sea plane before, so we’re just gliding along the water getting ready for takeoff. What a ride! From up in the air you get the most spectacular views of the gorgeous Australian beaches, the turquoise water, the luscious green mountains. Now it’s on to lunch. Okay, we’ve arrived at Cottage Point. What an absolutely perfect spot for lunch. I like this rustic feeling. We’ve been to Cottage Point a few times. This is our third time, for my birthday. Take in the view, great food, fantastic location. Such beautiful presentation. This looks so good. Delicious. As if it weren’t enough to enjoy a delicious meal at this award-winning restaurant, now I get to come outside and take in the views of this national park before heading back to Sydney. This post we’ve had the most amazing day. We had a sea plane ride covering all of Sydney, the coastline, and some pretty good company. Right? Not too bad. This post could not have been more perfect, taking a sea plane over to the secluded Cottage Point, a three-course meal, stunning view of the harbor, and a sensational sunset to finish off the day.

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Sydney – Taronga Zoo General Entry Ticket and Wild Australia Experience

This post, we’re visiting Sydney’s famous Taronga Zoo. Where we’re going to get up close to some incredible wildlife, including some unique Australian animals. What’s so cool about this zoo is you can get there by boat. Not only is the view spectacular from the cable car, you actually get to see the animals underneath you. I would love to be a giraffe in this zoo. You wake up every single day with a view of the Sydney skyline. These are a male red kangaroos. We have Archie down the front, and Banjo up the back. We always think of kangaroos as jumping around on the ground. But this is actually a tree kangaroo. I can’t believe how close I am to an emu. Hi. Hey, mister wallaby. Wow. You can actually feed the animals along the way. Is that a nice little snack? Oh my gosh, a baby koala. He just emerged from the pouch two days ago. This is incredible. It’s run by keepers, taken by keepers so every tour is different depending on what the keeper’s up to, where the animals are at. You get to go behind the scenes, and you get a whole lot more information. This tour is so unique ’cause I actually get to be in the exhibit with the animals. This area is called the Sydney Backyard. And this is where you’ll find a lot of the local Sydney animals. Right now, I have the ring-tailed possum on my shoulder. He’s so cute. This place truly is one of a kind. I’ve gotten to go behind the scenes, meet the animals, feed the animals. And now, I’m going to enjoy a drink and a snack. And explore the rest of the zoo.

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