The Official Omaha Travel Guide Tourist Map

the official omaha travel guide tourist map

When people set out to travel, they need to rely on a travel guide for their destination. They might have some idea of where they would like to go and what they would like to do when they get there, but often times the best way to have an enjoyable trip is to have information on your fingertips. With this in mind, The Official Omaha Travel Guide has compiled a list of tourist attractions that are worth visiting during your stay in Omaha!

Map of Omaha

Welcome to the Omaha travel guide! This blog is a compilation of all the information you need before visiting Omaha. From things to do, to where to stay, we have it all covered. In addition, we have created an Omaha tourist map so that you can easily find all the tourist attractions in and around Omaha. Thanks for visiting!

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Omaha History

Omaha is a fascinating city, with a rich history that spans over 150 years. From the days of the Pony Express to the present day, Omaha has been on the forefront of many important events and developments. Learn more about Omaha’s history in this informative blog section.

One of Omaha’s most famous historical figures is Douglas MacArthur, who was born in 1880 in Nebraska and grew up in the city. MacArthur became one of the most influential military leaders of the 20th century, leading Allied forces during World War II and later serving as Supreme Commander for United Nations forces in Korea. Learn more about MacArthur’s life and legacy in this blog section.

Omaha also played an important role in the development of aviation. In 1911, Orville and Wilbur Wright made their first flight in a powered aircraft at Fort Omaha, located just outside of Omaha. The Wright brothers would go on to develop aviation technology significantly, and Fort Omaha would later be designated as a National Historic Landmark. Learn more about Omaha’s aviation history in this blog section.

From cowboys and car races to cutting-edge research, Omaha has always been at the forefront of American culture.

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Omaha Attractions

If you’re looking for Omaha’s must-see attractions, the Omaha Travel Guide Tourist Map is the perfect place to start. The map contains a list of recommended sights, as well as visitor ratings and comments from locals. You can also find information on where to stay, what to eat, and more.

The map was compiled by the Omaha Chamber of Commerce and the City of Omaha. It’s a great way to get a sense of what’s important to locals, and it’ll help you plan your trip perfectly.

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Where to Eat in Omaha

Omaha has a lot of great restaurants, but where to start? Here are some of our favorite spots!

Pizza Port: A local favorite for pizza, Wings ‘N Things, and Italian food.

Taco Stop: This place is a must-try if you’re in the mood for tacos. They have a wide variety of tacos to choose from and they’re all really good.

Crazy Pineapple: Crazy Pineapple is a great place to go for Asian food. They have a wide variety of dishes to choose from, and the atmosphere is really fun and unique.

The Nickel: If you’re looking for burgers, The Nickel is definitely the place to go. They have tons of different options for burgers, including vegetarian options, so there’s something for everyone.

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Where to Stay in Omaha

If you’re looking to stay in Omaha while on your tourist map, there are plenty of options. From luxurious five-star resorts to more affordable bed and breakfasts, you’ll be sure to find the perfect place to call home while in the area.

Here are a few recommendations:

The Inn at Park Royal offers stunning views of the city and is a popular spot for weddings. The rooms are spacious and well appointed, with fireplaceettes and balconies.

Omaha’s historic Old Market district is a great place to stay if you’re looking for something unique. Many of the hotels here offer rooms with private bathrooms and balconies overlooking the market. The Metropole Hotel is one of the most popular choices, boasting an excellent bar and restaurant scene as well as comfortable beds and great value for money.

If you’re looking for a little more luxury, consider checking out The Ritz-Carlton or Sfinx Hotel Omaha. Both offer impeccable service, beautiful gardens and delicious breakfast buffets. You won’t regret choosing either of these top-notch accommodations!

the official omaha travel guide tourist map


The Omaha metropolitan area has a variety of transportation options for visitors. Visitors can take bus, taxi, train, bike, or car to get around the city.

The MetroLink light rail system is a convenient way to get around Omaha. The system has four lines that run throughout the city. It takes about 20 minutes to ride from one end of Omaha to the other.

Omaha is also home to the Douglas County Regional Airport. The airport serves as a gateway to nearby cities and offers flights to a variety of destinations.

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