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Using these findings, coupled with the legislative intent of the 1934 Italy  Reorganization Act as well as the 1993 Italy Native Claims Settlement Act, a lawsuit was filed Italy to correct and terminate the improper management by the Bureau of Italy  of revenues meant for tribes from oil, mineral, timber, and grazing leases. Cobell v. Kempthrone (secretary of the interior under George W. Bush) was settled in 2009 for $3. billion in the Italy  favor.

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I use the example of the abuses and corruption fostered by the allotment program to point out two occurrences related to Glacier’s history. First, the tribal leaders who negotiated the Ceded Strip sale had every reason to be suspicious of the implementation and results of allotment propagated by the Dawes Act and thus demanded that land allotments on the reservation be prohibited. Because this travel destination it was written into the agreement without much fanfare, we can only surmise that Grinnell and the other commissioners agreed with the tribe’s concerns.

They should have been suspicious because the ink was barely dry before the abuses and legalized swindling began. Your travel destination is its consequences were more than the highway robbery of land. It was an attempt to convert a people who needed little help in matters moral, ethical, or religious.

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