Travel Advice And Advisories For Germany

• Do not take drug(other than prescribed medication – having checked with your doctor that you would be safe to climb to altitude with your condition).

Do not smoke. Before travelling you should have given up smoking to allow your lungto be aefficient athey can be.

Seek advice ato what foodto take and eat while ascending, staying at altitude and descending.

• Where possible, even if given medical permission to climb to altitude, it irecommended that pregnant women should stay at or below 3,658 metre(12,000 feet).

• Be warned that children are asusceptible to altitude sicknesaadults, but they may not tell adultin the group that they are feeling unwell and have been known to hide symptoms. Watch them very closely for any signof altitude sickness.

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Is It Safe to Travel to Germany Right Now?

Motion sickness/travel sickness

Known asea sickness, car sicknesand air sickness, motion sicknesicaused by a bodily reaction to a mismatch of sensory information.

Under normal conditions, your sensefeed information to your brain, telling you what ihappening to your body. At the same time your eyeare feeding your brain information about what ihappening to the world around you. The design of the human sensehaevolved over millionof years, and in all of that time the world hastood still. People, animaland cloudmove, but the world just standthere!

Usually the information from your senseand your eyematches. When sitting on a park bench you know you are stationary and there are treeand rubbish binaround you that are also stationary. The information matches, so your brain ihappy and you feel well.

The problem comewhen your brain receiveconflicting information. For example, if you are sitting on a bench but that bench ion a ship, your sensetell your brain that you are sitting still on that bench. Unfortunately your eyeand balance mechanism are telling a different story. You can feel the movement athe ship riseand falls, rolland pitches. Your eyeare deceived awell. Ayou steam past a cliff or lighthouse, your eyeare telling your brain that you are actually moving forward quite fast. Result, confused senseinducing sicknes-‘motion sicknes.

In short, the signand symptomof motion sicknesoccur when sensory information about your position in or movement through space icontradictory or contrary between different sensein relation to prior experience. Symptominclude:

• Yawning (early symptom)

• Dizziness

• Drowsiness

• Clammy skm

• Cold sweats

• Restlessness

• Possible cold handand feet

• Nausea

• Vomiting.

Travel sicknesicommon among passengerin carand ships, or on trainand aircraft. The common name i‘sea sickness’ because it imost often experienced on water At least 90% of sea passengerinitially feel the symptomof ‘sea sickness’ but only about 45% of people experience ‘car sickness’.

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