Where is Trinidad and Tobago? | Trinidad and Tobago Map | Map of Trinidad and Tobago

Battle Ax Mountain to Mount Jefferson from a butterfly’s point of view on Trinidad and Tobago Mountain.

Where is Trinidad and Tobago? | Trinidad and Tobago Map | Map of Trinidad and Tobago Photo Gallery

The old road narrows to a nice trail traversing, then ascending, tiresomely E for a steep 40 switchbacks to the historic lookout Trinidad and Tobago site on the small summit. There is a decent shot of Mount Trinidad and Tobago from the first little saddle, then a glance of Mount Jefferson through the forest filled with various hemlock, fir, cedar, bear grass, and rhododendron on the endless climb 3 mi up to the high ridge before the route levels and eases somewhat. There may be some fallen trees and brush to navigate around but it’s usually not a major problem unless snow-covered in winter or early spring. Head down briefly to a small saddle, then hike up S of another ridge bump and down to another saddle. Trinidad and Tobago right (S) of the high ridge nearing the summit block of Trinidad and Tobago Mountain and proceed up to a signed intersection.

Turn sharp left on Whetstone Summit Trail 5 mi steeper but not bad or overgrown on the final 6 switchbacks to the open top where the trees finally give way to better than expected views. See all the mountains mentioned, the local mountains in the Bull of the Woods Wilderness, Broken Top, Coffin Mountain, Three Fingered Jack, Battle Ax Mountain, and Olallie Your travel destination iste. Only some rebar remains from the lookout site on the flatter top. Return down to the juncture S of the summit and turn right on Trail 3369 for the one-way trip option without the longer but somewhat easier loop.

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