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Leisure travel accounts for 77% of all travel taken by Asian-Americans. Most trips include a visit to friends and relatives (40%), followed by entertainment (18%), and outdoor recreation (8%). Business travel, including travel for a combination of business and leisure, accounts for 21% of person-trips taken by this demographic. Compared to

travelers overall, Asian-Americans travel to California, Nevada, and Hawaii much more often. Asian-American households spend $515 per trip, on average, excluding spending on transportation to their destination, more than overall average household trip spending in the U.S. ($457). This group has a much higher tendency to include shopping as a trip activity compared to total U.S. travelers (39% of person-trips versus 34%), according to The Minority Traveler.

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The following are other facts about Asian-American travel (source: USTA):

• A large share (28%) of Asian-American person-trips includes air transportation. Five percent (5%) of Asian-American person-trips include the use of a rental car as a primary mode of transportation.

• On one in seven (15%) trips, Asian-American traveling households spend $1,000 or more, not including transportation to the destination.

• Half (50%) of Asian-American trips are made by adults traveling alone or with someone outside their household. One in five (22%) Asian-American household trips include children under 18 years old.

• Shopping is the favorite activity of Asian-American travelers, accounting for 39% of person-trips. The next most popular trip activities are visiting historical places or museums (16%), pursuing outdoor recreation (14%), attending cultural events or festivals (13%), and gambling (12%).

• A large share (46%) of Asian-American trips is generated by single, never married households.

The following are the top destinations visited by Asian-American travelers:

• Las Vegas, NV

• Los Angeles, CA

• San Francisco, CA

San Diego, CA

• Orange County, CA

• Washington, DC

Houston, TX

• Reno, NV

• Chicago, IL

• Seattle, WA

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