I am exhausted. I was not planning on going out last night until. I ran into a bunch of guys who were from abbotsford which is actually basically like an hour, and a half from where.

I live. So I was really cool, and they actually all watched my posts. So it’s pretty funny to meet people who watch my stuff all the way in Bangkok.

But yeah we had really good night last night 1 o’clock already. I’m just going to head over to true cafe edit a post, and upload it in Thailand the water is not good for drinking. So you actually have to buy bottled water which is super cheap.

But kangas anoi. We’ve got a couple of Tosi’s from 7-eleven alright. I got my coffee, and it’s time to do a bunch of editing just leaving the coffee shop now.

I was editing in there for like three hours. And I still have a lot more editing to do today’s blog is definitely gonna be shorter. And I’m not going to be doing a whole lot.

Because I have to get up at like 3:00 in the morning to get my taxi taking me to the airport. So I can go to hotel, and right now. I’m with Fernando Fernando as.

I introduced yesterday is the owner of the hospital. I’m staying at, and we’re going to go grab some dinner. We’ve walked about 15 20 minutes from Kelson road, and looks like we’re here it is beautiful yeah.

So we’re right on the river this place is really nice the restaurants called kin loam chomps upon food looks really good. I’m in the bathroom. And I cannot for the life of me figure out what the heck this is for he just looks like a giant toilet you know this is comment.


I want to know what the heck this is. So this is amazing it’s like a mango type of a curry with chicken carrot cashew, and then this is also chicken with some herbs, and the green curry just arrived inside of the pineapple they hollowed it out, and put fried rice, and there’s some prawn on the side. So we just finished up here, and dinner was amazing thank you finally finished editing this post this one took me a while.

So we probably took like two, and a half hours. I don’t think, I’ll be leaving the hostel tonight up. I just go to bed like.

I said. I’ve got a super early morning tomorrow morning all right this fish on baby yeah well a gentle few all right guys this has officially been one of my shortest locks ever but. I’m going to bed now good bye good morning guys it’s 3:30 my bags are packed.

And I’m ready to go grabbing a taxi heading to the airport again the warm white hostel has kindly accommodated me the past three days you are going to go non-road Bangkok this is a great place to stay with this camera Wow oh yeah Oh beautiful really cool very cool yeah yeah very nice how many detail it’s 23 pixel you want to go to Sweden. I love the window thank you so much have a great day okay you come back, and people do some messes to me you can’t help me Thank You mr.

Park yeah. I know have a good day. I was hands down one of the nicest cab drivers.

I ever met he said when you start you were a customer. But by the end of this trip you were my friend he even gave me his phone number to call him if. I ever needed a ride but.

I my SIM card doesn’t allow me to do texting or calling. So unfortunately. I won’t be able to but.

I was just blown away at how great his English was, and he was telling me how he’s putting his kid through school, and it’s 30,000 baht which is about my twelve hundred US dollars. So quite a bit of money especially when the wages are very very low. So obviously a smart man, and working hard to make the best for his family egg has been checked in.

And I’m ready to go on my flight with na care to jump one airport from chump Owen, I’ll be taking a ferry to hotel well this looked like a sketchy plane thank you bye-bye thank you now our leader on this little fan we’re gonna finally add the chump on ferry station alright. So bad news the next ferry is not for one o’clock, and it’s 8 o’clock right now. So I literally for five hours have to just hang out here.

I don’t know what. I’m going to do. I guess.

I can recline relax here alright. I’m gonna do a little bit of shooting over here burn some time just burning some time. I got sort of like a breakfast lunch it’s just an fried rice, and chicken, and normally when you’re in Bangkok you can get fried rice or like 40 baht which is like just over $1 when you’re on the island you’ll probably double it which is $2 to $3 it’s really cheap.

But for the most part the food is really good. I really really like Thai food, and this cat is literally in the middle of the sidewalk it does not care at all the Farias here, and it just dropped off people time to go across. So I’ve had a couple beers making the time go by a little quicker 12 another hour before we get married.

But almost ready. So here we are at the coast past the hotel pier, and two people from Germany who watched my post that’s great guys great you give me in my post here we go all right we’re finally on the ferry after like five hours, and we’re about to tell the guys working here just dropped me my puke bag in case the seasickness kicks in which it may the boat is rocking. So so much.

I’m gonna be seasick at the 3m it like two minutes to connect your my blog am now that has to be suitable an is the lighting every minute. I came. So close to getting sick, and there’s everyone on the boat was yakking up it was.

So bad haha okay this is the kotel pier. And I need to find a hostel alright we are officially in hotel. I went for my first swim in the ocean, and it felt.

So good it’s absolutely stunning here in hotel. And I’m also staying at a hostel just on the beach it’s like. I think it’s the only hostel in all hotel that actually has access to the beach is called good times hostel.

I’m actually hanging out with these two girls who are also include Sal we have the exact same flight, and same ferry so. We’ve gotten to know each other a little bit, and tonight we’re gonna go out, and, I’ll show you guys what happens from there because. I’m starting to get really burnt came here to watch a sunset, and the Sun has already set well behind the clouds.

So basically it didn’t actually go below the horizon. But there was a big cloud there. And I didn’t see it.

So the Sun is now gone. But it’s incredibly beautiful feels. So good to be here only thing missing is Abby but.

I will be seeing her in just under a month Ted three girls come up to me telling me that they actually are now going to the Philippines after seeing my how to travel to philippines post. So you know it’s one thing to have someone say that like they watch my posts it’s another thing when they actually said they watch my posts, and it helped them make a decision or help them plan their travels. I got the most rewarding part.

So pretty exciting like that third time today that. I’ve had someone come up to me. So obviously my posts are getting spread a little bit, and it’s pretty encouraging, and holy crap my brain is getting worse, and worse we had dinner.

And I’m just going back to the hostel now. I’m going to shower. I feel pretty exhausted last night.

I only slept 3 or 4 hours you can hear that noise they’re like the crickets in the trees. So so loud. But anyways yeah.

I’m pretty exhausted. I don’t want to go to bed too early tonight. I do want to go out, and do something.

I’m gonna try to rally a bit of energy, and maybe go get some buckets, and meet some people, and we’ll see where go through there my plans for tomorrow are to either rent a scooter, and a TV do a bit of exploring around the island hopefully find someone to join me, and just really use my new camera to get some really cool shots of hotel. Because if you couldn’t see for yourself Hotel is absolutely beautiful it’s so stunning here.

So the hostel. I’m staying at is right over there that big rock over there one of the most happening beach parties in koh tao happens right next to that rock which is good, and bad it’s good because. I’m right next door to it it’s bad.

Because I probably won’t get to sleep when I want to. I think the parties go till like 3:00 in the morning apparently it’s super loud even our hostel owner told us that before we went in.

But regardless. I’m not here to sleep. I’m here to experience hotel this is a big party that happens every night at the rock beach bar.

And I’m sleeping right up there. So it’s gonna be right there it’s gonna be really loud tonight between getting way too much Sun today nah drinking enough water, and just lacking sleep. I’m not feeling the energy to go out tonight.

And I think it’s best for me to take the night off. So I’m going to go to bed, and that should be the end of the night all right. I am just sitting here by the water.

I’m actually just reading the Bible on an app account little Mike this is the end of my night. I’m gonna wake up were here like small probably like 9. And I’m gonna go explore the islands.

I’m really excited for that, and, I’ll wait to see more patel, and tomorrow is going to be amazing day see you guys good night.

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