Hey from the Occidental ground here in the Dominican Republic Abby. And I are off to go on an adventure adventure what kind of adventure you may ask you’ll have to find out what’s with the bandanna that’s weeks all my accessories are my luggage.

So yeah, and you’re gonna give us enough to where’s the luggage the lobster bag again thanks air canada. We’ve been late for everything yeah I think they have a painting class that looks fun look at this sand, and that’s a minikin water though here come our fellow friends we were out clubbing with them last night a Coco Bongo, and they look like they’re doing pretty well yeah we were really impressed it was super fun yeah people were dropping left right, and centre morning guys equipment of the day we got to hero four blocks. And I got the freeway extension pole, and a chest mount what are we doing something told them history we go.

So apparently we don’t even get wet. I guess they’re really you. I don’t know Lord hey what cooks they’re about to get wet.


I think Louis fact was very wrong all right there gets Mary right they’re offloading those who’ve gone unloading those. I’m more to some Abby was saying that her older sister did this like. I don’t know a few years back, and they were being pulled for like quite some time.

And So they started to get worried that they were being taken into a different country into Haiti which is the neighboring country, and they were like freaked out they’re being kidnapped luckily our boats turning around. So we’re good it’s actually like. So peaceful, and quiet up here mission of the day avoid that flying boat about to land on like the resort son Tempe area.

But it’s the perception was. So off from this distance, and it was coming in hot Canadian aviation laws would not permit that take it. I’m onto something turning in somebody looking for Maria we got the you metallic mr.

Bad, and we’re going back back to you the result how did you like it you’ve done it before they didn’t find it scary. I thought it was really relaxing, and calm up there getting pina coladas that the Royal Bar has been my jam probably my seventh Pina Colada since arriving maybe eight we’re gonna help Abby film now Abby what are you filming cardio pool workout post just got back to the place it’s time to go to bed tomorrow’s blog should be lit have a good night, and let’s get lost again tomorrow.

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