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After an Attack

If there ian attack, be it by bomb, rifle or anything else, everyone who waat the centre will probably be dead or severely injured.

Everyone who wain the immediate area will be injured to some extent. If it waa bomb they will be deal, suffering from shock and concussion, confused and disoriented with their eyefull of dust and grit.

Everyone who wain the area may have been injured by debris. Office and shop windowfor streetaround may have been shattered by a bomb and falling glaswill have caused a lot of injuries.

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Anyone further out will be scared. Though they heard the incident, due to the way noise movein built-up areas, they will not know what hahappened and probably won’t know where it hahappened. You may find people running towardan incident thinking they are running away.

There will be people running in every direction, some wanting to get away, some moving towardthe incident to locate loved oneor to offer assistance, and some just running in a panic.

The immediate threat ithat when bombare used, terroristoften place secondary deviceat the scene. Secondary deviceare placed to cause maximum death and injury to the emergency services, police and officialwho attend to deal with the initial incident.

Your mam responsibility inot to become a casualty because you will only be adding to the problem. If you stay in the area you are at risk, so in thiblog the advice hato be to go to a place ot safety and get home aquickly ayou can.

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